Bathroom Vanities

The space of your bathroom can be compromised when there are too many items around the place. Do you want to an elegant bathroom piece that comes with storage? The truth about bathroom furniture is the fact that it has gone beyond cupboards as there are other things involved now. If you’re looking for a bathroom vanity, select any of the catalogs below and browse through a wide variety of bathroom vanities for sale.

Bathroom Vanities Catalog

This guide will help you in the best way possible in choosing bathroom furniture.


Before deciding to choose amongst furniture pieces, try to consider items that you need to store inside the bathroom. Is it a place where you want to be getting toiletries stored? Are there going to be kid’s bath toys? Where will the bathroom cleaning kit be kept?

Trying to understand these will help give you a good understanding of what type of bathroom furniture to purchase. Also, it is important to consider the furniture’s future capacity, whether it can fulfill your increasing needs.

Considering Furniture Type

You need to know how the furniture will be arranged in the bathroom. For instance, do you want floor standing furniture pieces like shelving units and cupboards? You will have to consider the available space so that the furniture will always be within your reach.

What about wall-mounted furniture pieces? These could be mirrored cabinets, medicine cabinets, and cupboards. One of the advantages of this type of furniture piece is the fact that it leaves more space. In case you’ve got a small bathroom, this is one option that you can explore today.

Bathroom Furniture That Can Be Included

Below are some designs that you can get incorporated into your bathroom today:

Mirrored wall cabinets: The fact that the cupboard has got a space that is shallow behind the mirror, this is great for those items that are small in the bathroom.

Two bathroom essentials combined with vanity units: This case features furniture and sink into one. It is a great way to create extra space in the bathroom. Cupboard and drawer units are going to be used for storing items. Elegant table-style consoles come with slim drawers. This becomes an option in case you aren’t planning to store many things around the bathroom and also if you want such space to stand out. The room will not only appear neat as there will also be space for storage.

Freestanding or Fitted Furniture

Fitted furniture seems to ensure that there is enough space in the bathroom. Best of all is that items can still be stored and the room will not be left cramped. Regarding appearance, this option will give the bathroom a more appealing look.

The freestanding furniture piece ensures that a focal point is created around the bathroom. Also, there is enough space where you can have your items stored. In case you want to have its position changed later in the future, you can do it with less effort — thanks to its freestanding feature.