24 Inches Bathroom Vanities

Bathrooms are quite different from other rooms in the house. It has to be used daily by the many members of the family. If you insist on giving a fresher look to your bathroom, you could do that with a perfect bathroom vanity. Vanities are typically designed to offer storage options as well as providing an excellent décor foundation for your bathroom. If you’re looking for a 24-inch bathroom vanity, browse through the wide selection of 24″ bathroom vanities below.

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24 Inches Bathroom Vanities Catalog

Here are a couple of vanities worth considering when selecting a suitable unit for your bathroom:

Wood Bathroom Vanity

These vanities come in different wood selections. Many wooden bathroom vanities sold today are made from mahogany and oak. But also available are those made with lesser woods, though these types do have lower durability. Some wooden vanities today are painted to reduce their organic looks. Every single wood varies in terms of craftsmanship, durability, and price. Make sure you are picking a type that matches your preference and budget.

Glass Bathroom Vanity

A glass bathroom vanity appears more contemporary in the way they are constructed and designed. Typically, they are manufactured from durable and high-quality glass and a combination of materials such as wood and steel for aesthetic purposes.

Modern Bathroom Vanity

Contemporary bathroom vanities exist as singles and doubles, being crafted with different types of materials. This vanity type is excellent for people who prefer bathroom designs that are not so common. To use this vanity type, make sure every little items you have in your bathroom are complementing your vanity and not the other way around.

Antique Bathroom Vanity

While they may not be considered antique age-wise, their style and design seem to be purely antique inspired. This vanity type commands the attention of admirers to details, thanks to its highlights and beautifully cut out facades. Antique vanities rank among the most extensively decorated pieces that are available in the market today. This vanity type fuses fine woods with decade long traditional designs together with contemporary elements to offer the right functionality and beauty.

Double Bathroom Vanity

Double vanity uses two sinks, as part of one vanity. This double sink variety is quite common with couples since it allows them to have their own sink. This vanity type can be seen in several design types like wood, antique, glass as well as contemporary. If you are opting for a double bathroom vanity, you will need to have adequate space in your bathroom.