36 Inches Bathroom Vanities

If you fancy a little bit of sophistication and class inside your bathroom, you need bathroom vanity furniture to make that happen. The most beautiful thing with vanities is that you only need one or two stylish pieces to give your bathroom an overall face-lift. If you're looking for a 36-inch bathroom vanity, browse through the wide selection of 36″ bathroom vanities below.

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36 Inches Bathroom Vanities Catalog

Basically, there are two different bathroom vanity styles:

Antique: This style is normally made from wood, and it seems to be inspired by traditional bathroom fixtures. Ranging from the highly ornate to relatively simple, their classic looking structure lends the much-needed sparkle to many bathrooms. This sort of vanity is usually expensive; they are graded according to the materials used in manufacturing them as well as how well they were crafted. Nevertheless, you could still find other antique vanities that are less expensive with highly durable materials.

Contemporary: This vanity style seems to be more diverse in terms of sizes. They are available as single wall-mounted basins and double expandable basins. The materials employed in making this vanity type are also more than what you can find for antique vanities. It is manufactured from materials like plastic, glass, metal, and wood. With this variety, contemporary vanity can influence any room with its elegance. If you do not like the antique styled vanity, switch to modern vanities then.

Materials for Bathroom Vanities

Wood: Ranking as the most popular bathroom vanity material, wood can reasonably be considered reasonable or expensive, kitschy or elegant, classic or modern.

Glass: Absolutely stunning in terms of designs, glass vanities are capable of giving your bathroom that sophisticated and polished look. They are typically used in combination with some other materials, just as they can have great storage beneath or wall-mounted basins.

Marble, copper, ceramic together with other less standard materials: Basically, any material that can carry water can be used to create a unique type of vanity. Many vanities appear contemporary, but a couple of them are Graeco-Roman or rustic.

Bathroom Vanities Sizes

Single Basin: Many vanities fall into the single basic category. It has a simple plumbing hookup, and they are installable in areas that are occupied by the vanity you are currently using.

Double Basin: Such vanities come with double sinks and can be found in virtually all master bedrooms. They offer siblings or couples the privilege of utilizing separate sinks, although they are known to occupy considerable space.

Multiple Basins: These are generally for commercial uses. These vanities come with more than double sinks. If your family is large in number and you need some extra space, you can go for vanities that have multiple basins.

Virtually all vanities have differences in width, length, as well as depth. Make sure you measure your bathroom so that you can get a vanity that will fit with any other fixtures around. As you begin to narrow your choices down, you will soon be saying goodbye to your old and dull bathroom.