48 Inches Bathroom Vanities

Bathroom vanity inclusion is now an essential feature when remodeling your bathroom due to its practicality and aesthetics. Homeowners can now spruce up their bathroom by getting bathroom vanities that exist in different designs, sizes, and shapes. If ‘you're looking for a 48-inch bathroom vanity, browse through the wide selection of 48″ bathroom vanities below.

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48 Inches Bathroom Vanities Catalog

Vanities make an excellent piece to bathrooms, and fortunately, there are so many bathroom vanities that you can choose from. Even though there is numerous choice of colors, styles, and vanity types, you can still find yourself struggling to make the right choice. If you seek quality advice on how to get a vanity piece that will be suitable for your room, you will indeed find this article useful.

Bathroom vanities usually come with a sink with cabinet furniture beneath it. The vanity's size, as well as the furniture, can be designed or tailored to specs in some cases.

There are choices when it comes to selecting a bathroom vanity type. First is the wall-mounted type, while the other one is the freestanding type. Built-in units typically cost a bit more since you'll have to hire a professional to install it. If you have all the necessary skills set, you can install it yourself with just a few plumbing tools.

Before deciding on any vanity, make sure you check the existing space around your bathroom. Measure the length, width, and height of the vanity unit if you want the placement to be flawless.

Modern vanities exist in various styles. You could choose from options ranging from traditional styles with old Victorian to more contemporary looks that have glass structures and clean lines. If you prefer wood vanities, there are different varieties of woods to choose from, and that include includes oak, rosewood, and pine.

When it comes to colors, make sure you consider how it blends with the existing color scheme around the area. If your bathroom appears mostly of whites and other neutral colors, then you are free to choose any color of the vanity. However, if your bathroom is already densely colored with bright and bold colors, you may decide to settle for a vanity that has neutral tones.

An important decision whenever you are choosing a vanity is the sink type. While some other vanities do feature traditionally toned sinks that exist within the unit, the others are more modern looking. Contemporary units usually have basins sitting on the counter-top and made from either frosted and colored glass, marble or glass.

Overall, make sure you get the accurate measurements first so you can get the ideal vanity that matches your bathroom space.