60 Inches Bathroom Vanities

Bathrooms often do not get the attention they deserve compared to the other parts of the house.  A possible reason for this is because people often accept the way they look and prefer not to have them upgraded. However, homeowners can now spruce up their bathroom just by placing an elegant bathroom vanity. If you're looking for a 60-inch bathroom vanity, browse through the wide selection of 60″ bathroom vanities below.

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60 Inches Bathroom Vanities Catalog

Choosing The Most Suitable Vanities for Your Home

Glass Bathroom Vanity

This vanity type made from high-quality glasses that are particularly durable. They are mostly combined with wood or steel to produce designs and looks that are highly appealing. They are often installed inside hotels and restaurants — but are equally fitting for residential benefits. Many people prefer bathroom vanities that are wall-mounted as it offers more storage and space along with several other functions. Besides, glass vanities also have shelves, cabinets, and drawers. Overall, it provides a more contemporary look and highly adjustable to various bathroom designs.

Antique Bathroom Vanity

Antique vanity is actually a modern architecture that is based on antique designs. Such bathroom vanities are exquisitely carved to portray the highlights of past eras, making it the winner in everyone's heart. They blend traditional designs and fine woods to provide unseen beauty and other functions. Based on their distinctive designs, they are somehow expensive. But they still seem like a worthy investment.

Wooden Bathroom Vanity

These vanities are famous for their style and durability. Examples include mahogany and oak. Some wood vanities are painted over for an enhanced style, and so they don't look like wood. The only downside is that they cost more than any other vanity types. Hence, when purchasing any wooden bathroom vanity, you are expected to pay more for the style.

Double Bathroom Vanity

This seems to be more appropriate for large or master bathrooms. Double sinks are fitted in consonance to form a single vanity. This type of vanity is highly preferred by couples who want to have their own separate sink. These vanities also come in antique, glass and wood designs. The only factor that you seriously need to consider when choosing double vanity is your bathroom space. They are often bigger than most other vanities; hence, they need enough space to be adequately fitted. So make sure your bathroom can work with such upgrades.

Even though there are many choices when it comes to bathroom vanities; eventually, it still depends on the person's preference and budget. The first natural thing you can do is to assess your bathroom and know what kind of upgrade can be applied if you want to revitalize your bathroom decor.