72 Inches Bathroom Vanities

A 72 inches size bathroom vanity is about the most gorgeous thing you can include to your bathroom. This unit is huge and can be used to handle different functionalities. First, it will have double sinks atop coupled with adequate counter space for keeping stuff like toothbrush holders, soap dispensers, and other items. If you're looking for a 72″ bathroom vanity set, browse through the wide selection of 72″ bathroom vanities below.

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72 Inches Bathroom Vanity Catalog

The vanity's body will comprise some cabinets. These cabinet sets have various sizes for different storage needs.

The highlights of a 72″ size bathroom vanity could be rated valuable, but you still need to consider whether what you are getting is what fits your bathroom or not. There are different standards to be taken into account:

  • The first is to find the wall's length where your vanity will be placed. This is most appropriate for the wall with the necessary water connection to the vanity. The vanity ought to fit about these spots nicely. The holes behind the vanity should equally fit. Thankfully, the gaps that are within a vanity are equally spaced and designed to ensure an outstanding design for the said bathroom.
  • Your vanity ought to be good to go alongside a mirror in the bathroom. Ensure your vanity is big enough to allow for easy-fitting by a mirror without any adjustments.
  • Your vanity's depth is another major concern. A twenty-inch depth is an excellent place to start. This can handle sink space and also ensure smooth management of cabinets along with additional storage. The depth ought to pass through virtually all doorways.
  • The vanity's height is not that important. However, vanity units often come with a height of about 36 inches.
  • You should also evaluate your bathroom flooring. It includes checking if your vanity has to overtake anything. There might be a need for you to get rid of certain tiles by removing or cutting.
  • You need to analyze the floorboard within your bathroom. Verify if the vanity you have will be big enough in covering a floorboard so that nothing is cut-out eventually. The most befitting spots are those that will not need any replaceable items as long as they are there.
  • Check for grout or caulk borders that may obstruct things. These items include caulk that helps to set a toilet or bathtub in place. You should have these evaluated to ensure that things are placed in the best possible manner.

Finally, check if the space you have is enough for closing and opening of panels and doors within your vanity. It is best if you can access all the items in your vanity without stress at any time.

You should take these points to mind when seeking a 72″ size bathroom vanity for your home. This kind of vanity can be used in many places within your home, and the only condition is that you should plan it well beforehand.