Over-the-Toilet Storage (Bathroom Cabinets)

Adequate storage space is essential once you have a bathroom that is small or one which is used by too many individuals. If you want to increase bathroom storage and at the same time not take to too much space on the floor, there is only one way which is via over-the-toilet cabinets. If you're looking for an over-the-toilet bathroom storage cabinet, browse through the wide selection of bathroom cabinets with storage below.

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Over-the-Toilet Storage Bathroom Cabinets Catalog

How to Choose the Best Over-the-Toilet Cabinets

The floor space is already taken up by your toilet, and if the above section isn't utilized, it will be a waste of space. This valuable space can be used in storing toiletries, towels, or even toilet paper. A unit such as the over-the-toilet cabinet has been aptly designed to not interfere with the use of the toilet.

Below are some facts you will need to consider to find the best one:

Toilet Tank Height

Toilets usually vary in sizes and shapes. Before a shelf will be added to your bathroom, ensure that the storage unit is very high above your toilet tank. The recommended gap between both is 6 inches. The reason for this is that should in case you plan to carry out maintenance on your toilet in the future, it will enable you to open your toilet tank lid easily.

Bathroom Extensions Should Be Measured

This is similar to placing cabinets and furniture pieces inside your room. But you must have a few plans. Ensure that your floor space is measured. After that, you can then buy the cabinet that will fit into your floor space. Don't fall into the temptation of buying something which will prove to be too large for your bathroom space. This will make the place look less appealing.

Selection of Colors

The color that you will be choosing should be able to match the interior color of your bathroom.

Consider Storage Types

Over-the-toilet storages are available in various types. There are units that are open while others have sliding doors. Over-the-toilet units with storage come with different materials such as wicker, plastic, or metal. It is possible to use these units to match any decor style.

Why Your Bathroom Should Be Organized

The benefits which you will get from a very organized bathroom isn't all about aesthetics. There is no doubt that the bathroom will look much more attractive when everything is neatly stored. It is going to be easy to locate a band-aid or cotton wool whenever necessary. Cleaning products don't fall and scatter all over the place whenever the cabinet is opened.

An organized bathroom seems to be more relaxing and inviting as compared to one that isn't. In case you aren't convinced by that, an organized bathroom is more sanitary from a health perspective. When the spaces are organized, cleaning becomes much easier to carry out. Through regular de-cluttering, health hazards such as expired prescription medication and old mascara can be gotten rid of.