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Makeup vanity tables are essential for most women. These vanity tables are useful when it comes to organizing makeup items. They serve a great purpose by saving you a heck of a time when you are looking for your eyeliner and lipstick. The good thing is, there are various designs of makeup vanities available today. If you're looking for a white makeup vanity, browse through the selection of makeup vanities below.

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While you may think a makeup vanity table is not something worth buying, it has proven to be very useful to many women. Your room will appear incomplete without a makeup table. Asides from the fact that it ensures you look at your best before stepping out of the house, it enhances your room's overall appearance too. You can make get the right vanity table by observing these tips:

Choose The Appropriate Size

The size of the mirror is one of the things to consider. You should also consider the table's height. Choose one that can fit well inside your bedroom, then pick your preferred style and design.

Storage Over Looks

If you are the type that loves collecting watches and perfumes and has them in large quantities, then you could use a vanity that comes with sufficient storage. Besides, there could be too many items on the table's surface, which makes it appear cluttered most of the time. What you need to do is to keep all these accessories organized inside the drawers, ideally large enough for storing those items.

Locking System

Jewelry is precious; hence, they need to be secured appropriately. You can secure your jewelry by purchasing a table that has a lockable drawer, which will help you safeguard your precious jewelry. If you are purchasing vanity tables of this sort, make sure you have an extra key in case you lose the main key.


These makeup vanities come in various styles and designs. So you should be able to find one that matches your taste. Don't forget to pair the table with either a chair or a stool for sitting. Modern makeup vanities are very suitable for small-sized bedrooms. If you are uncertain about the choice of color, neutral colors will make a good pick.


Budget is an important factor when it comes to buying makeup vanity. There are many affordable options to choose from without burning a hole in your pocket. So, just pick one that fits your budget.