A nightstand is essential amongst other pieces of furniture in the bedroom. Apart from their functional benefits, they can also make the place stylish and appealing. They are bed tables that provide lots of functions to homeowners such a storing of items closer to the bed. Comes with many different features and styles, there is no doubt that you can easily find one that fits your needs. If you’re looking for a nightstand, select any of the catalogs below and browse through a wide variety of nightstands for sale.

Nightstands Catalog

When choosing a nightstand, below are some of the top features to consider:


You need one that has the height of your mattress. If you use a bed with tall base or mattress pad, look for a taller nightstand. This can help to make the bedroom more appealing. Also, ensure that such nightstand is positioned some distance away from the bed.

Surface Area

This implies that your nightstand should come with a top that has enough space where items can be stored. These could be items such as alarm clock, table lamp, and others. A vital factor that most people overlooked.

Storage Space

If you've got items such as books, files, and others that you would want to go through at some time during the night period, a nightstand that has enough space for storage will help a lot. You can choose one that has multiple drawers. This is to ensure that your items are stored in a hidden way.


Your chosen nightstand's element is also significant. If you've got a traditional bedroom, select a nightstand which is made of wood with iron hardware or brass. You can go for nightstands made with glass accents or metals if your bedroom is a contemporary one. In a nutshell, your selected nightstand should be balanced and solid.


The bottom line here is that you should select a nightstand that matches the color of your room. There are factors that you can consider here such as bed design, and paint or wall design. If you want some light inside your room, go for a metal nightstand, glass nightstand or white nightstand. On the other hand, if you're going to reduce the brightness of your room, a black nightstand can do the magic.

Matching Pieces

If you want to create that uniform look, get a nightstand that has already included in your bedroom set during purchase. Through this, your bed, nightstand, dressers and other furniture pieces in the bedroom will match perfectly.