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A nightstand is a favorite and useful furniture piece in bedrooms. Most times, we don’t want to stand up during night periods to get our essential items. This is the main reason why most homeowners need nightstands. Plus, they can also be added as decorative pieces. If you’re looking for a small white nightstand, browse through the wide selection of nightstands below.

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Five Ways That Bedroom Nightstands Can Be Used

Below are some of the ways through which nightstands can be put to use in homes:

A Classic Piece

In case you haven’t made use of a bedroom nightstand in the past or can’t see any reason why you should have to buy one, try to consider its benefits in this regard. It doesn’t lack where your alarm clock or even reading materials can be stored. A nightstand is a perfect place to keep your glasses for accessibility anytime you wake up for the day.

With a nightstand, clutter will be put down around the bed. With drawers and shelves to ensure that things are appropriately placed, bedside necessities are going to get damaged. They will be protected from getting stepped on mistakenly.

Whether a small table is what you seem to be using at the moment to keep items such as clock and lamp, no doubt using a nightstand will ensure morning routines become much easier to carry out. It is possible even to put 2 nightstands inside your bedroom to get the space filled up.

As End table

They can serve as perfect tables inside a den or living room. They can function as end tables with the ideal heights of your couch. With small shelves as well as drawers, nightstands can function as the perfect storage space as compared to regular end tables. This actually depends on your chosen style as well as decoration style though.

In case you aren't bothered too much about decoration, just get a random nightstand. This will ideally create space around the room.

For Seating

If you've got sturdy nightstands that have the right heights similar to those of seats, it becomes easy to turn them into an extra seat where people can relax on. Just put two or more nightstands together and use pillows in covering them. It is a DIY bench that can function as a window seat.

As Television Shelf

Nightstands can function as TV platforms. Just get one placed inside your kitchen or bedroom. If such nightstand is very large, it can also accommodate DVD player. Just get it fitted in after removing the top drawer. If your nightstand is small, you can get a small TV placed on it.

Child Shelf 

Bedroom nightstands always come in small sizes. This means that they can fit into the rooms of children in a perfect way. Use its shelves to store little board books. Also, you can use the drawers to store their treasures.