Queen Platform Beds (with Storage + Headboard)

Platform beds that have storage make up the most convenient type of beds around. If you do not have adequate spaces in your rooms, tagging along with any platform bed that has storage wouldn't be a bad idea after all. Beds with storage are designed with one thing in mind – saving space and item organization. With these sorts of platform beds, you can utilize the space underneath your bed as well as creating space for things that cause clutter. If you’re looking for a queen platform bed with storage and headboard, browse through the wide selection of platform beds below.

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Queen Platform Beds (with Storage + Headboard) Catalog

These storage beds are available in different designs. One happens to be an upgrade of the previous storage bed. That one has its mattress fixed on the platform, while the drawers are placed underneath. The drawers are usually wooden and are attached with rollers to enhance movement. If you seek storage for items that you need to access daily, then you can go with this design.

Platform Bed Features

Platform beds make an excellent addition to the interior decor in your bedroom, it can be used as a superb centerpiece item along with other collections, especially for someone who likes their room to look newish. There are several bed designs you can select from, but platform beds seem to be rather popular due to their practical designs and unique features. There are so many exciting features that help to differentiate platform beds from other types of beds.

Contemporary Flavor

Platform beds are known for their sleek, clean, and contemporary designs which make them easy to blend with other furniture types. These beds can have a footboard, headboard, or neither, it all depends on what you prefer. Nevertheless, most of these frame types do come with a headboard and can fit in perfectly even in rooms with smaller space.

Close to the Ground

This particular design is meant to have its base close to the ground. Some other sleep frames do sit a lot higher from the floor. It has a sleep unit that you can easily climb into at night, or roll out when it is morning, while some other beds require stepping stool for you to access them easily.

No Need for Box Springs

While some frames need box springs right under their mattress, this frame can adequately give your mattress support without box springs. It has a sturdy slat frame or an area that is solidly built to support any mattress. Most people will prefer this design due to its sturdiness and comfort, and because it causes the bed to be closer to the ground compared to mattresses with box springs.

Optional Features

Some of the sleep units are designed to have four legs, slat support, and a headboard, while others have storage cabinets beneath. Platform beds that have storage drawers have become very popular recently because they have additional spaces for storing accessories and clothes. You could have up to 12 drawers beneath a sleeping unit. You don’t need additional chests, or dressers if your small bedroom lacks the required space.

Before you settle for any sleep frame, try and explore the many platform bed designs that provide the features that you can find in regular bed frames, and also have a sleek, clean appearance. Make sure you check prices, shipping costs, and quality before settling for any of the platform beds that are available online.


Queen Mattress Buying Guide

If you are looking for a mattress that can allow you to experience the true meaning of comfort, the Queen size mattress is a perfect choice. It is a practical choice, especially when your room isn't large enough for a king bed. As compared to a king bed, it is about 16 inches narrower. However, it has more width (6 inches) than a king bed. If you are looking for a comfortable medium sized bed that is not too big, a queen mattress is a great option.

Types of Mattress

Innerspring Mattress: An innerspring mattress uses steel coil system for support.

Pillow Mattress (Top): Typically come with additional upholstery layers that have been sewn on the mattress’ top. It will look like there are pillows on the mattress. It is made from different foam and fiber materials.

Hybrid Mattress: This combines steel coil system for support. It uses one or even more foams for this purpose. These could be latex, memory, or polyurethane. It also makes use of foams that contain gel.

Gel Mattress: This makes use of foam which has gel in the upholstery layer or the product’s support system. This gel gets added inside the foam with the use of various technologies. Through a gel foam, consumers will be able to experience maximum comfort. Its heat dissipation feature is something that should be mention too.

Memory Foam Mattress: This makes use of polyurethane foam (high – density) as support system. It can also be used in its upholstery layer. One thing about this foam is its ability to contour close to the shape of a sleeper.

Latex Mattresses: The system of support of this mattress is latex foam. Latex tends to originate from materials that are petroleum or plant-based.

Airbeds: The support system that this mattress makes use of is an adjustable air chamber. Unlike those mattresses that are used during camping, the home air bed’s air chamber is covered with upholstery or padding materials. This includes various fibers and foams. Airbeds have been designed to have a similar look or appearance like those of conventional beds.

Waterbeds: The support system for this type of bed is a water chamber. Waterbeds come in two types:

  • Soft-sided
  • Hard-sided beds

The hard-sided type of waterbed comes with a water chamber inside a wood frame. Soft-sided waterbed comes with a water chamber that is in a rectangular frame (rigid foam).