White Daybeds with Trundle

Daybeds fit into various settings, which make them highly versatile. They provide beautiful seating and extra-sleeping space whenever necessary. You can also extend the sleeping space with a trundle unit. Some even have a drawer compartment beneath that can be used as storage. If you’re looking for a white daybed with trundle, browse through the wide selection of daybeds below.

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White Daybeds with Trundle Catalog

Daybeds: Buying Guide

Daybeds are favorite furniture pieces used in living rooms, home offices, or spare rooms. Daybeds are mostly added to accommodate guests while some use it as a chaise lounge or sofa. Because daybeds exist in different configurations, styles, materials, and prices, it would make sense to explore their unique features before eventually settling for one.

Material Choices

Daybeds are available in metal, wood, or a combo of both metal and wood. They are also available in upholstered in leather, though these type doesn’t seem to be as popular as metal or wood.

Metal daybeds are more suitable for sleeping, while wood daybeds are most suitable for sitting or lounging since they feel more like regular sofas.

When it comes to style, metal daybeds are considered as traditional while wood being the contemporary ones.

Nevertheless, you can always find traditional wood daybeds and contemporary-looking metal. Just make sure you are getting the one that suits your preference and is capable of giving you the comfort you desire.

Daybed Styles

Go for a style that complements the other parts of your house. As for style, daybeds can be sleigh, mission, or Victorian. Plus, there are as many contemporary choices out there as the traditional ones.

There are plenty to pick from when it comes to choosing a color; dark, painted or light wood or even metallic.

Daybed Trundles

These are pull-out beds on casters stored beneath the daybeds. But not all daybeds that have trundles, but it’s a brilliant option to consider since you get two beds on a single space. You can pull out the hidden bed when you need it, have it hidden when you don’t.

It is possible to leave a trundle close to the ground, or it can be raised to an equal level with the daybed. The beauty of this particular feature is that it allows you to roll it upwards to the daybed, and they will both form a large bed that is just a few inches short from being a king-size bed.


Daybeds can be found in twin sizes and use standard twin-size mattresses. These mattresses are either supported on link spring or wood slats.

Choose a mattress firmness and type that is comfortable to you. If you are going to use the daybed most of the time, a high-quality mattress is the best choice.


Although you can use your daybed with twin-sized sheets and a pillow, you may want to consider paying some extra attention to your choice of cover. Include some extra pillows if you wish to use it for sitting, lounging, and sleeping.

You could go for a fitted mattress cover if the bed will be used mostly for sitting. A tailored cover will be most suitable for this very purpose.