Cabinets & Chests

Chests and cabinets make your home look more presentable with their stylish and beauty appeal, not forgetting the storage space they provide. These sort of cabinets help to keep your homes very organized and free of any clutter. Having enough space for storing everyday items reduces the effort you need to clean your house. Whether you’re looking for a cabinet, dresser or jewelry armoire, select any of the catalogs below and browse through a wide variety of chests and cabinets for sale.

Cabinets & Chests Catalog

5 Different Cabinetry Storage for Homes

Bathroom Cabinets

Putting cabinets inside your bathroom will help you in organizing items like perfumes, makeup, styling tools, hair driers, etc. Bathroom cabinets are mostly necessary for keeping the top of your sink clean and free of any clutter.

Kitchen Cabinets

This furniture type helps to offer great storage space and for organizing tools within your kitchen area. It is useful for keeping your countertop area de-cluttered and free.

Base Cabinets

These can be placed anywhere if there is adequate space. Base cabinets are excellent for storing those items that are only used seasonally. They could be put in basements, garage, or bedrooms.

Cabinet Panels

These panels are tall and slender cabinets that fit into small spaces. They are useful for storing towels as well as other linen types.

Laminate Bathroom Cabinets

The laminate cabinet is not like the other standard bathroom cabinetry. These cabinets are easy to maintain and waterproof. If you’ve assigned a bathroom to your kids and it is used often, this will make an ideal choice. They are highly durable and can withstand the rigors that come with everyday usage.

Types of Armoires & Chests


Drawer chests usually are of shoulder height, and they are also called as bureau. Due to its height, it’s not considered suitable to be used with mirrors. Chests typically come with 5, 6, or even 7 drawers.


Armoires are used in diverse ways, from storing clothes to hiding a television and jewelry. Usually, armoires are tall, freestanding cupboards that include shelves, drawers as well as pull-out trays. Listed are four main categories of armoires:

Wardrobe Armoire

Wardrobe armoires will often have clothing bar or removable clothing rod. These are designed for holding clothes; most ideal for dresses, suits and other larger seasonal items like overcoats. Wardrobe armoires mostly have detachable clothing rod or clothing bar.

TV Armoire

Helps you open the doors as you are watching television, also hides the tv when you are not watching it.

Computer Armoire

Similar to TV armoires, computer armoires allow you to fit a computer in a bedroom but hides it away from view when it is not being used.

Jewelry Armoire

Jewelry armoires help you store all your jewelry in a single place. It equally provides multiple storage alternatives for items such as bracelets, rings as well as necklaces. These particular armoires also come in a variety of models like wall mounted and freestanding.