Even though dressers are pieces of furniture which are of exceptionally high value given what they can add to your home, there is no doubt that they are mostly overlooked by homeowners. A new dresser can make all the difference when added to your home today. If you're looking for a dresser with drawers, select any of the catalogs below and browse through a wide variety of bedroom dressers for sale.

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The most vital aspect of any dresser is the design. This is what we will be starting within this post. It doesn't only make up the shape but also overall look and function.

Some of the various dresser models are listed below:

Standard Horizontal Dresser

This form of design has its origin from the oldest furniture piece ever invented, which happens to be the chest. They tend to be squat in profile, horizontally oriented, and have 2-drawer columns.

Standard Vertical Chest

Another name for the vertical chest is tallboy. As compared to the standard design above, it seems to be much taller. It comes with a double (2) stack of drawers. This comprises of one column piece of furniture.

Combo Dresser

This design is made of about two components or elements. Some models ensure a combination of standard squat dresser alongside a tall cabinet. Through this, there will be more storage options in one furniture piece.

Bachelor's Chest

This design is notable for its minimalist framing. It comes with one column drawers inside a squat. Though there are times when the frame will be narrow. Originally, it comes with a surface that is slanting for writing. However, most of the ones being created in recent times do come with horizontal surfaces.

Gentlemen's Chest

In this design, the drawer gets paired together with a vertical cabinet door (oriented) that is large. This ensures that a large cavity is held to allow storing items like clothes. Suite and pants can be hanged as well.

Lingerie Chest

This can also be referred to as semainier. Typically, the number of drawers that it holds is about 7 with each representing each day of the week. Its design is long and tall with the drawers being deep as well as narrow.

Now, it is time we looked at some of the materials or components which your dresser is made of:


This gives you a lot of options for configuration. There are lots of dresser that have wood surfaces. These could be those contemporary, rustic, or even minimalist styles.


This isn't as common as wood in dressers. You have models that are entirely metals and those which are a combination of both wood and metals. The weight frame that this material provides tends to be lighter. Also, it is made for creative purposes.


This is a woven material that originates from plastic or natural fibers. It is not only durable but also highly resistant to stains and moisture. The fantastic part about this material is its lightweight.


Although the dresser's framework is made from wood, some pieces can still be made with leather, thereby giving it a textural and luxurious look.

Finally, we are going to be looking at the various styles that will give your furniture piece some finishing touch. This can play a very vital role in how a dresser can fit perfectly in your home, thereby making it more appealing in terms of appearance.


The look featured by traditional styles isn't just timeless but also detailed. It comes with wood structures which have been carved alongside some embellishments.


Perfect for those who prefer a modern look. The finishing and styling here are very much up to date with the times.


This style is meant to convey a feeling of soft, relaxed, and warm in a home. It comprises of light tones and carved wood.


This style is a typical example of old fashioned and homespun furniture. Its appearance tends to be based on weather-beaten, natural and timeworn textures. These forms of dressers make use of components such as utilitarian framing, metal (soft) hardware, and distressed wood.


Modern styles seem to be based on those designs that have originated or come into existence in the 20th century. The configurations are clean and futuristic.