5-Drawer Dressers (Black)

Dressers are versatile furniture and are an integral part of every bedroom. Some come with more than one drawer, perfect for storing accessories, clothing, and other personal items. The surface on top is ideal for displaying picture frames, ornaments, and any other accessories you can think of. If you’re looking for a black 5-drawer dresser, browse through the selection of dressers below.

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5-Drawer Dressers (Black) Catalog

What’s a dresser?

A dresser is a cabinet type that accommodates several horizontal drawers stacked one on top of each other. They are designed with various sizes and shapes, from thin to tall, wide and short. Although they were initially restricted to bedroom uses, now they can be used for storing various household possessions. With their designs, they do offer storage units for underwear, beddings, or accessories and also have surfaces where you can showcase your photos, plants, ornaments, jewelry, and toiletries.

Dressers are available in different styles, colors, and materials. This makes it necessary for you to consider a few things before purchasing one. Here are a couple of things you should know before you go shopping:


The very first thing that should cross your mind is where you intend to put the dresser. You should check the surrounding area and floor space where your dresser intended be placed. Consider everything, including how far can the drawer be fully extended.

The size of the dresser

Before you settle for any dresser style, it is good to establish what its purpose will be. The most effective is to list down what you intend to store inside, only then can you accurately visualize the needed space. For instance, if you want to store your jumpers, you have to get wide and deep drawers, but if you intend to store small socks, small and lightweight drawers are good enough.

What are the available dresser types?

When it comes to dresser types, you can go with any of the ones listed below:

The “Tall Boy” chest drawers

Tallboy chest drawers are also referred to as “highboy.” They are much taller than the regular chest drawers and look thinner. This sort of furniture is ideal for bedrooms since they have sufficient storage space without eating up more than the necessary floor space.

2 over 3

This type comprised of two smaller drawers on the top row and three larger drawers below. Perfect for storing your undergarments separately. This type offers much more room for storage and has two small drawers.

4 over 3

The 4 over 3 is slightly larger than the 2 over 3. It ensures adequate space with its three large sized drawers, and enough spaces for helping you separate your items the way you want it. This type of dresser is suitable for larger bedrooms.

3 + 3

The 3 + 3 has large and deep drawers with plenty of space on the surface. This chest drawer can become a vanity piece if you combine it with a mirror.