6-Drawer Dressers (Black)

Dressers are an integral part of any bedroom. They are excellent for storing items such as clothes, towels, etc. The surface on top will equally be as important as the storage within the cabinet. And when decorated, they can become great looking accent pieces for your home. If you're looking for a black 6-drawer dresser, browse through the wide selection of black dressers below.

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6-Drawer Dressers (Black) Catalog

Buying Guide for Dressers

Drawers: From tall-looking to wider, shorter units, a dresser can comprise between 2 to 10 drawers; it could even be more in some cases. Preferably, drawers should have metal or wooden gliders for smooth closing and opening. A stop-based mechanism can be used to avoid the drawers from falling out whenever they are opened, preventing them from becoming damaged or injuring your feet.

Size: Since they come in different sizes, it is expected that you know you exactly where you want to place the dresser and the kind of things you intend to store inside. Get your room floor measured to make sure that the unit will fit in. Also, make sure it doesn't impede the bedroom or closet doors when opening. Thin, tall dressers are excellent for storing many items with very little space, while shorter, wider dressers offer you more surface space to place decorative stuff with overhead space to hang a mirror.

Capacity: Some dressers can have deep, large drawers that are suitable for storing bigger items like blankets or sweaters. Thin and tall dressers are perfect for storing cosmetics, jewelry, hosiery, etc. A dresser that offers different drawer depths and sizes tend to be more versatile when it comes to storing items.

Style: Be it a contemporary or traditional bedroom, whatever you intend to furnish, you can create the right ambiance with dressers. Wooden furniture with cherry wood or oak finish will assist in creating a comforting and classic look, while a sleek and espresso colored chest drawer with silver accent ensures a contemporary edge. The black dresser with six drawers provides ample storage along with an appealing look, whereas the maple wood finish is suited for any décor or color scheme.

Hardware: The kind of material and hardware on your dresser will determine how it will look eventually. From the simple wooden knobs to the sleek brushed and nickel pulls, or the classic metal handles, switching the hardware on the dresser can give a sort of impact on its appearance and functionality. Some dressers feature two rows of handles or pull-down drawers, while others have only one row, making it easy for you to close and open the drawer with just one hand.

Base: The base is another aspect that can influence the way your dresser looks and functions. While some dressers have bottom drawers that seat virtually on the ground, many other models are raised with either metal or wooden legs. A raised base ensures easy cleaning of the floor beneath.

Materials: From classic mahogany or rustic pine to durable and affordable wooden products, dressers are built from a host of materials that can suit any lifestyle and room decor. An environmentally friendly option such as composites is made of recycled wood products. Its laminated finish makes it super easy to clean and maintain, very suitable for kids’ rooms or even nurseries.

Finish: Similar to other bedroom pieces, dressers come in a variety of finishes. The wood furniture could be varnished, painted or stained, providing more textures and color options. Composite materials like particle board provide glossy or matte laminated finishes in different color options.