3-Drawer Dressers (White)

There are many reasons why dressers are necessary cabinets to have. If you have a plan to redecorate your room and want to make it more functioning and fabulous, you could give that space the facelift it deserves by merely inserting a collection of dressers. If you’re looking for a white 3-drawer dresser, browse through the wide selection of dressers below.

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White 3-Drawer Dressers Catalog

A dresser is about the most useful and significant furniture piece you can purchase. They make a very vital furniture piece because dressers help store portions of jewelry, clothes as well as other items, making your bedroom appear less-cluttered. As additional functionality, you can even put your ornaments, television, or mirror atop your dresser.

That said, when purchasing any furniture item, there are essential details you have to take into account. Here are some essential tips that can help you out with picking the right dressers.

  • The very first point you should consider is the drawer size. You are expected to figure out wherever you wish to have it placed and take the measurements.
  • It is vital that you take time and decide where you would like the new furniture item to be. If it is made from wood, then do not expose it to direct sunlight as that could cause it to fade faster than usual. Another thing you should be careful of is that if it is wooden made, it should keep it away from heat sources like radiators.
  • Your drawers should be placed appropriately to allow you to move around your bedroom with ease. If you’re thinking of positioning it close to the bedroom’s door, then ensure that it does not hinder the closing and opening of the door.
  • Another point to consider when purchasing a dresser is to make sure there is sufficient space for it to open without stress.

Style & Quality

As you go out to purchase a new dresser, make sure you are getting a solid piece. Consider the number of drawers you like as well as how wide or deep they should be. It is easy to take this for granted and end up buying a dresser that can hardly contain all of your items.

If you intend to store your underwear or related clothing items in your drawers, then the chances are that you would be using yours quite often, so you need something of a very high quality that will last for a long time. The opening of the drawers should be smooth, and it is much better if they are constructed with dovetails joints.

Also, ensure that your newly bought dressers matches with your bedroom theme and fit well with the rest of the furniture within. Perhaps, you are thinking of changing all the other furniture within your bedroom, that could be possible with a complete bedroom set. These bedroom sets usually come with different pieces of the same beds and furniture, like wardrobe and drawers, or a dresser and nightstand.