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A jewelry armoire is a beautiful storage unit and is likely the best gift you can offer for someone who loves collecting jewelry. It is a perfect cabinet to organize and safeguard your precious accessories and jewelry collection. Be it curved, painted, ornate, classical, or modern, there are many types and designs of armoires available in the market today. If you're looking for an over-the-door jewelry armoire, browse through the wide selection of jewelry armoires below.

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Jewelry armoires are now an integral part of any bedrooms. And most women seem to include a modern armoire in their shopping ‘wish list'. If you're in the midst of redecorating your room, why not add a jewelry armoire as part of your room decor?

If you have a small room, your ideal choice is to stick with an armoire that can be mounted on the wall. Wall mounted types are easier to use since you don't have to bend so much like you would with armoire that sits on the floor. Some prefer armoire with a mirror, and the best way to admire your jewelry is to wear them in front of a mirror.

Maybe you've already got a mirror, and you don't need an extra mirror, in that case, you could go for an armoire that has a picture frame instead. That way, your armoire holds both your pleasant memories and helps store your beautiful jewelry too.

For those who have the habit of not remembering where they put their stuff, getting a jewelry armoire would seem like a viable solution because it has different compartments where you can store all of your jewels and other accessories. Should you need them anytime, you know exactly where to find them. If you don't want your necklaces and chains get entangled with other accessories, there are separate compartments available.

After deciding on a particular model along with its size, the rest is to choose the right color that will blend with your room d├ęcor. The most traditional are brown shades. Black, although a non-conformist, can radiate quite a bit of elegance. Try white if you are in an experimental mood.

Jewelry armoires typically don't cost much if you prefer a basic and simple model. For traditional carved armoires, the best place to find them is in stores where they sell old-fashioned items; though they seem more expensive. You can get a contemporary jewelry armoire for just about any price. If you have an eye for the perfect jewelry armoire, then you stand a better chance of picking up a beautiful, charming storage piece that will help you safeguard your jewelry as well as personal accessories.