Wall-Mounted Jewelry Armoires

Jewelry items are valuable pieces that deserve the best of storage for optimal care. Interestingly, there seems to be a host of stylish and practical method of securing and storing one's jewelry pieces. Whether it be a piece of expensive jewelry or a sort of family heirloom, a functional jewelry armoire has got enough storage units to keep your jewelry safe. If you're looking for a wall-mounted jewelry armoire, browse through the wide selection of jewelry armoires below.

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Wall-Mounted Jewelry Armoires Catalog

Jewelry Armoires Buying Guide

Jewelry armoires come in different sizes to make it suitable for accommodating your jewelry items regardless of their size. The fact that there are many jewelry armoire designs available in the market today, you'll find it easy to find one that suits your taste and current bedroom decor.

As you go searching for the perfect armoire, consider these tips below:

Tip #1: Decide what jewelry and accessories you intend to put inside the armoire in advance. This will determine the size of the cabinet that you should get. Also, it is recommended to get one that has extra space, since you may want to store new jewelry collection in the future.

Tip #2: Consider where you intend to have the new cabinet placed, and take the measurements as well. Armoires come in different dimensions; some are tall, short, slender, or wide. It will be a big mistake to purchase one that doesn't fit in well in the allocated space. If you're buying the armoire online, be sure to check every detail such as the dimensions.

Tip #3: How often are you going to use the jewelry armoire, or do you intend to buy it for someone else? If you're buying it for your children, get one that has child-friendly finishing —it won't cost you much too. If you want to make it as a family heirloom, there are many quality armoires for the adult in the market. There are differences in prices, but with a little bit of patience, you will find a high-quality piece at a reasonable price.

Varieties of Armoires

Armoires come in various types and designs. The most popular ones include:

Wall-mounted Armoires: The name says it; it can be wall-mounted. It is similar to a medical chest. They come with drawers, hooks and a mirror behind the swing-door. If you wish, you can hang your jewelry on the hooks, or just put them inside the drawers. Various designs are available for this type or armoire.

Dresser-Top: These armoires are built to sit atop a desk, vanity, or dresser. They are generally between 20 and 30 inches in height and have a couple of vertically stacked shallow drawers along with swing-out door to hang your necklace. Some come with ring trays too.

Floor: These are freestanding units that can reach up to 48 inches tall. They have ring pads, earring holes, hooks for your necklace, and bracelet drawers. Some are built with additional storage units. For instance, some have dedicated storage units for scarves.