Baker's Racks (White)

Baker's racks have emerged as one of the most sought after kitchen furniture items. These racks are very efficient and practical due to their storage space, shelving and its use as a work center. Its all-purpose nature is what has earned its sudden popularity as well as making it an excellent addition for any kitchen. If you're looking for a white baker's rack, browse through the wide selection of baker's racks below.

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So how can you tell if you are looking at the right baker's rack? Observe these essential characteristics as you go shopping:


As stated initially, baker's racks are super useful, and there are many creative ways to use them. They can be used for holding plants, displaying glassware, or for storing those petty items that cannot be accommodated by your drawers and kitchen counters.


Another vital thing you will need to consider is the material type. A good number of baker's racks are manufactured with metal, particularly wrought iron, while wood is equally relatively popular. Your choice of material can make all the difference regarding how it impacts on your kitchen outlook. Some are created from a combination of metal and wood. If you aren't sure of what to go for, consider your kitchen cabinets, appliances, and furniture style. Some baker's racks look slightly plain in their appearance, just as others have some fancy metal designs on them. Stick with any style that fits your tastes and kitchen d├ęcor.


You should equally consider the space available. Before shopping, make sure you measure where the baker's rack will be placed. Also, have the depth measured so that the rack won't stick out into your room. While such furniture items are for providing the necessary additional storage, the very purpose of buying them will undoubtedly be defeated when they are too big.


Just like other furniture, quality is a real concern. Most baker racks are small, very light items. Nevertheless, different racks do come with varying weights, although they are all small. A reliable way of verifying a rack's quality is by confirming its weight. Heavier racks are going to be difficult to push around. However, such racks are better at securing your glassware or fragile items since they will remain in the same place even when someone bumps into it. Basically, the heavier the baker's rack, the higher the quality.