Coffee Tables

Coffee tables have lots of functionalities. Some of them are to hold items such as foods, drinks, magazines, and books. There are times you may want to have your feet up on it too. Your kids can also use it as a place for doing some drawings and coloring. If you’re looking for a coffee table, select any of the catalogs below and browse through a wide variety of coffee tables for sale.

Coffee Tables Catalogs

Coffee Tables Buying Guide

Choosing the Materials: You will need items or materials that are ideal for the function of such a table. There are different materials that coffee tables usually do come in the form of. For instance, a sense of openness can be created by those that come with mirror or glass on top. These are perfect for the background.

The wooden piece doesn’t only look natural, but it also adds warmth to the room. Rustic tables have a luxurious feel, thereby making the place to be more inviting. A statement piece can also be chosen. Consider metal and industrial tables which have non-traditional designs.

The pros, including cons for every material to be used, should also be considered. Glass appears modern and flashy. But, it also means more frequent cleaning due to fingerprints. Also, it isn’t a great option if you’ve got kids in your home. The same thing can be said about wood, which looks classy, as long as the surface isn’t scratched.

Choosing a Fitting Size: A standard coffee table has a measurement of around 120cm by 60cm. If you want to select a table, ensure that such is more than two-thirds your sofa’s size. It will ensure that there is still enough space in the room.

Another vital consideration is the height. The standard height usually ranges from 40cm – 45cm. The height should be similar to that of your cushion’s sofa. In case there is extra padding, go for a much taller table.

Shape Selection: The classic tables have a rectangular shape. It tends to work since most of the sofas do have similarities in shape. This can also help to maximize the use of space. Those sitting on the couch can easily reach the table. If your living room is smaller, then this is the ideal option.

A round-shaped or oval table doesn’t have edges that are sharp like rectangular tables. An ideal shape if you have kids in the house. Forms and shapes can play a vital role in terms of how the room appears.

Knowing Your Style: Basically, pieces of furniture with French provincial or classic traditional style usually come in standard sizes. You are going to find gorgeous pieces that vary in terms of width and length. Any coffee with similar decor can create cohesiveness and order.

These rules do not apply to contemporary furniture. You are going to come across pieces that are in various designs. These could be non-standard shapes and sizes. Such tables do function as focal points while adding values of their own.

Managing Color: The best way to create harmony in a room is by choosing a complementary color. Make use of one that is contrasting in color. Imagine a living room painted blue with an orange coffee table.

Adding Functionality: It is possible to choose a piece that contains a shelf under its base. You can use it to put books and magazines. Serviettes or coasters can be stored inside the baskets and drawers.

Placement: There should be at least 30cm open space on the sides, and a sufficient leg room for everyone seated. Consider whether extra space is needed to get those drawers fully opened. Also, try to make sure there is a lot of space around the table so it will be easy to move around.

Budget: Budget seems to be a crucial factor since coffee tables aren't items that are bought often. But purchasing a high-quality piece proves to be an excellent investment in the long run. Tight on budget? Go for tables that are not built using expensive materials. Another option is to choose a smaller table size.