High Gloss Coffee Tables (White)

Glossy furniture items are always stylish with a strong sense of appeal that will suit any luxurious sitting room. Enhance the beauty of your sitting room with a compelling piece like a white gloss coffee table. It's a contemporary inclusion in modern designs. Browse through the vast selection of high gloss coffee tables below.

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Maintaining High Gloss Coffee Tables

After working hard to create a little paradise of your own, you would naturally want to maintain that status for as long as possible. Or wouldn't you? You certainly want to. But if you do not have a regular maintenance schedule for your favorite furniture items, you may be looking at your furniture with disgust soon, wondering how it became that old. Gloss coffee tables will require a good measure of maintenance to keep them in good shape for a long time.


The first thing to remember is to always keep your glossy coffee tables clean at all times. There are various cleaning levels to get this done. You should ensure you are doing your cleaning on a weekly basis, especially if you use them all the time.


Your first task is called dusting. Even a clean house does have dust, settling on glossy coffee tables 100% of the time. Get rid of this dust as soon as you can, so it won't mix with other stains that would make it too stubborn to remove.

Mild Cleaning

By the time you are done with your dusting, you will see how nice-looking things will become. But if the table begins to lose its sparkle and look a bit different from the first time, then you have to explore other cleaning levels for your glossy tables.

Basically, mild cleaning has to do with using a damped rag that has some detergent and water. Only go for a clean and soft rag. Abrasive materials could scratch top surfaces. If you are using a dirty rag, the dirt could mix with the water in the rag, which could result in even further stains on the glossy furniture.

Once you are done cleaning the surface, ensure you wipe it clean with another rag that is clean and dry.

Deeper Cleaning

You could be dealing with a table that requires more than just normal cleaning methods. If that is your case, you can always do these two things. You can engage in deeper cleaning methods all by yourself or bring in a pro cleaning service to get it done for you.

If you love to do things yourself, make sure you are using the appropriate cleaning materials. Identify what your glossy table is made of, whether it from glass, metal, or wood. The material will determine the type of cleaner it needs.

A glossy coffee table will always make an essential section of your living room. Once you get a set you like, do what you can to keep them in that new and lovely state by maintaining them regularly.