Lift-Top Coffee Tables (with Storage)

Coffee tables that have storage are now in higher demand when compared to regular coffee tables. Most homeowners find it easy to have all their items arranged in one place and have them ready close by when needed. If you’re looking for a lift-top coffee table with storage, browse through the wide selection of coffee tables below.

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Lift-Top Coffee Tables (with Storage) Catalog

Coffee tables with storage are suitable for storing items since they come with shelves, drawers. There are some equipped with a lift up tabletop that reveals a section where you can put your magazines, board games, and books stored conveniently. You can even place a variety of items on its top like beverages, snacks, and remote controls due to their versatile structure.

There are different types of coffee tables you could settle for:

Lift-Top Tables

Lift-top tables come with many benefits if you compare it to regular coffee tables. They could double as both a table as well as a storage space simultaneously. You can raise the tabletop to reveal the storage where you can put things like magazines, tissue boxes, or glasses inside the coffee tables.

They are also available in various styles such as glass, wood, plastic, and marble. It is very fitting for small spaces where storage could be an issue. Not only they provide additional storage space, but they can also free up the room from any possible clutter.

Ottoman Tables

Ottoman tables make another brilliant option when considering these tables. It is similar to a flat-topped Ottoman; the difference with this one is that it displays the storage compartment within itself. This type of storage table has deep storage portions for keeping your items, and they can be stored for a longer time if you want to keep a neat and tidy living room.

Trunk Tables

This option is very similar to the Ottoman tables. While it does not appear as beautiful as its predecessors, they can be practical with where you can put your drinks on top and stash items away from public eyes inside the storage section.

Tables with Lower Shelves

The last but not the least, tables with simple lower shelf that offers storage space for storing simple items like magazines where one can pull out anytime.

So now you know there are so many coffee table options available. You should be able to find one that satisfies your requirements and room decor.