Marble Top Coffee Tables (White)

The marble coffee table is one of the most stunning coffee tables that consists of great artwork created in nature – with its incorporated winding, varying streams, and speck of colors. These coffee tables which have marble on top can bring a certain elegance to your home. Apart from the durability, marble can also withstand the stains of daily life, such as when exposed to cold or hot beverages. If you're looking for a marble-top coffee table, browse through the wide selection of coffee tables below.

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White Marble Top Coffee Tables Catalog

Marble Care

Even though marble is very durable, it certainly does need some little care, especially if you want to maintain its value. It should be sealed at least once in a year to preserve its ‘newness'. You should also avoid spilling acidic drinks such as coffee, juice, or other stuff. This is due to the reason that marble is porous and can get stained easily; that is if it gets into contact with acids.

Marble is one of the natural material which comes with a lot of different colors as well as patterns. This can make marble more suitable for interiors which are considered a bit gaudier. You should get a coffee table with a modern touch if you are more into contemporary d├ęcor.


Each shape has its own unique characteristics, and the shape always plays an integral part while decorating your living room. For example, a round-shape is usually more delightful to look at, and at the same time, it offers a sense of wholeness to a room.