3-Piece Counter Height Dining Sets

Counter height tables make for an ideal choice for tall individuals or for anyone who wishes to have some extra legroom in the course of having their meals. Because counter sets seem higher from the ground when compared with its traditional counterparts, they equally provide you with a better view of your dining space. Plus, they have ideal dimensions that make them suitable for smaller kitchens and dining rooms. If you’re looking for a 3-piece counter height dining set, browse through the wide selection of dining sets below.

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3-Piece Counter Height Dining Sets Catalog

Counter-height dining tables exist in informal or formal types, depending on what you like. Manufacturers have come up with various styles, from the very traditional types to those that are contemporary. A lot of counter-height dining tables are built with about 2 – 8 chairs or matching stools, making it easy for loved ones to assemble with great ease.

If you’ve got limited space, a 3-piece version will make a lot of sense, most fitting for smarter kitchens. A fraction of these very counter-height dining tables come with a secret butterfly leaf, affording you the privilege to expand the table whenever necessary. Only ensure you have extra chairs or matching stools to make up for the extended part of the table. Standard folding chairs are not appropriate for these tall-looking tables.

They can be used for conversation, having tea, or for playing any interesting kind of board game. If you’ve got an entertainment space outdoors, you can use these tall tables. While the types meant for indoors may not be reliable for outdoor purposes, there are some that are specifically built for such outdoor experiences.

When going to shop for counter sets, you should ensure you are getting the one that fits with the space you have mapped out. These tables do come in various colors, styles, sizes, and finishes, which means you must be very sure of what you want before you place an order.

Always remember that a similar model that goes for a lower price may not be cheaper after all. You should consider the factor of taxes and shipping. A lot of online retailers do give free shipping; hence, a table that looks more expensive at first glance may turn out to be cheaper when you consider its shipping costs. Another important thing is going with a retailer that has a favorable exchange/return policy, which means you can be confident about your purchase since you can request an exchange if it is not exactly what you hoped for.

With so many available options, you can check a photo of the ones you like the most and have them compared against each other. Even printing and holding up the photo inside your room can provide you with a glimpse of how it compares with your décor and furniture. This will give you a better picture of how the table will look when it is placed in your home.