5-Piece Counter Height Dining Sets

Consider the counter height tables if you're searching for a new dining room furniture at the moment. This type of furniture is taller compared to regular chairs and tables, offering your dining space a unique look. Moreover, these tables are ideal for small dining areas, and you'll have extra legroom too. If you're looking for a 5-piece counter height dining set, browse through the wide selection of counter height dining sets below.

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5-Piece Counter Height Dining Sets Catalog

Here are a few things you should know regarding counter height tables for your dining room:

Counter height tables: The dimensions

In many cases, counter height dining tables measure between 34″ and 36 inches in height. Standard tables do not measure up to 30 inches in height. In contrast, bar tables appear a lot higher, measuring between 40″ and 45 inches in height. Hence, if you need something not as short as a regular table and not as tall as the bar tables, counter height dining tables make a perfect choice for something in between.

How to pick an ideal counter height dining table?

When you look at counter height dining tables, you will discover that they are made up of various styles. Before you become confused with choices, concentrate on the nitty-gritty stuff.  Start from having your dining space measured and select a counter height dining table that fits perfectly based on its width, depth, and height. You certainly don't want a table that is too long – making it looks awkward, or too tall that it makes your head touches the chandelier as you eat.

If you have done the measurements, the next thing is to choose between having an entire matching set or getting the table and chairs separately. Whenever you buy counter height sets, the stools and table should match completely. However, if you are getting your counter table separately, then you will have to decide whether the color is going to be dark or light, or a white or black painted finish. Also, counter height dining tables are available in either rectangular, round, or square in shape; so this is yet another choice you will need to make.

If you intend to buy stools and tables separately, focus on your furniture height so that they can blend well. Generally, the stools are expected to be shorter than counter height dining tables by 10 inches. Also, consider whether you like the swiveling type or you wouldn't mind the fixed type. Stools that swivel are easier to move about and it is kind of fun to swivel in the direction of the person you are having a conversation with. You should also consider if you want armrest on the counter height stool as they provide extra comfort to the seat.

The last thing you may want to look at is if you would prefer your stools to be backless or with backs. Remember that stools that don't have backs appear more classic and are simpler, though they aren't as comfortable as the ones that have backs when it comes to long hours sitting. You can apply the same thing to cushioned and non-cushioned seats since cushioned seats do provide more comfort for long hours of sitting.