Accent Chairs

Accent furniture is relevant to interior design the way fashion accessories are related to personal styling. For a room to look cohesive, complete and stunning, accent furniture is the ideal piece that is needed to create the perfect picture. A room is bound to look old-fashioned and dull when it lacks accent furniture. These are the hidden additions that complement every home and office space for a lively look. If you’re looking for an accent chair, select any of the catalogs below and browse through a wide variety of accent chairs for sale.

Accent Chairs Catalog

The most common accent pieces are tables, chairs, cabinets, and rugs. These items are what indicate your design and styling taste. You should consider these tips at the back of your mind when deciding on your accent furniture:

Space Planning

Planning your space cannot be overstated when decorating your home with accent furniture. Do you have space for an old-fashioned chair? Does the size of the ottoman match with your sofa? How will you arrange your cabinet, chest or sofa table with the other furniture? These points are worth taking note of if you want to put together a general design that is most suitable for your personality and style.

While some prefer a minimalistic design approach, others prefer a decoration that is very obvious and noticeable. Know what you want and the number of accent furniture you would love to be in your space. After that, have a mental picture of that furniture, measure where you would like to drop it so that you have a rough idea about the size of accent furniture that you should get.

Fabrics and Finishes

For ottomans, chairs, etc. make sure you are getting a fabric type that offers your favorite look and feel. If you want your accent furniture for aesthetic purposes, then go for a fabric with a texture that complements your room visually. If the accent piece is to be used regularly, then look for something that has decent durability.

If you intend to use the furniture often, a fabric type that can protect your furniture from noticeable wear will be the way to go. You can adopt pet-friendly fabrics if you want to protect your piece from damages caused by paws and claws.

Your next assignment is to choose suitable patterns and colors. Mixing the right patterns can be tricky; if you find this difficult, you can contact a professional designer to advise you on what to do. For cabinets or chests, you need a piece that complements your room's mood and color.

Style and Mood

As it has been stated, accent furniture enhances a room’s overall looks and style, although that is quite different from saying it has to be perfect with the room style. An out-of-the-box piece may be all you need. Just ensure that the piece you’ve selected will not be clashing with the surroundings, which could create a somewhat disjointed look.

In the course of settling for the style of your accent furniture, you need to pay attention to specific details like the piece’ shape, other details (tufting, nail head trim, etc.) and the kind of feel it is likely to offer the room – a sophisticated, fun or relaxed feel.

Positioning and Usage

How you arrange your accent furniture with other furniture pieces is equally important. Is there a better way to organize your furniture? Think of creative ways to arrange your room so that it will be more inviting. Think of how often you will be using the piece; if you are using it every day, the positioning will be quite different from when you are using it occasionally or when you don’t make use of it at all.

Comfort is not the biggest priority when it comes to accent furniture. Accent furniture is meant to add an aesthetic appeal to your room. But if you spend quite a regular time with the furniture, get the one with maximum level of comfort.