Orange Accent Chairs

Accent chairs are the perfect inclusion to complement your room décor. They can be easily placed and are great for areas that have limited space, and they can be decorative and functional, qualifying them as a worthy furniture piece to invest on. If you’re looking for an orange accent chair, browse through the wide selection of accent chairs below.

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Orange Accent Chairs Catalog

There are several factors that you should consider as you choose an accent that works with your living room space. This is how you can choose the best accent furniture piece for that living room of yours.

Selecting Accent Chairs

Style: Chairs exist in various styles and sizes. Anything from armless to slick to maxi-sized recliners is readily available. If you have more modern interior design, stick with a silhouette that is wing-backed and has clean lines. But if you have a rustic room, a cozy design would work fine with a deep-looking seat.

Color: Choose a chair with a similar color palette to that of your room. Perhaps you could go with a color that is modern when you check it with color wheels. For instance, if you’ve got a blue filled space, go for deep, bold orange. If the other furniture in your house is neutral, explore any floral pattern that has deep purples and greens.

Fabric Choice: If you intend to position the chair within a room for the entire family, which is also used by pets and the kids, get a fabric that is resistant to stains and durable too. Avoid soft materials like velvet or suede inside rooms that entertain a lot of traffic. Those fabric types are most suitable for bedrooms, formal sitting rooms, as well as other areas that do not experience as many activities. You could equally implement fabric for contrasting other materials within your room like leather accent chairs against love seats and upholstered couches.

Purpose: Consider the position of where you intend to place the chair. If you want to put the chair in your family room, then you need something comfortable and something that fits with other furniture. If you intend to put it in a foyer or hallway, your best guess would be the decorative furniture piece that won’t tear easily and will not be used that often.

Size: Measure the dimensions of the space you intend to insert the accent chair. That way, you can avoid getting something that is too small or too large. You should consider the room size along with the dimensions of your other furniture. Accent chairs are not meant to create a cluttered scene, and they should have equal height with other seating.