These are one of the most important pieces of furniture that you'll ever need. They are not only useful for organizing your novel collections but also perfect for housing your valuable accent pieces and art. If you’re looking for a bookcase, select any of the catalogs below and browse through a wide variety of bookcases for sale.

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Bookcase Buying Guide

Every home needs a minimum of one bookcase for displaying books, framed photos, and etc. If you need a bookcase for your home, then you ought to read through this guide. After all, the market is full of many different options, making it difficult for you to decide on what you think will be best for you. Here is a highlight of what you should know concerning bookcases:

What Size of Bookcase Are You Looking for?

The size of bookcase is an important factor to consider since that is what determines the look of the shelve and how it will function inside your home or office space.

Height: Most bookcases measure between 3 and 8ft in height. Consider both practical and aesthetic concerns when deciding the height. The tall bookcases look more formal and expensive; however, the shorter ones provide more functionality by offering you a top with a surface area that you can use. This makes it usable as a buffet, media cabinet or workspace.

Width: If you want a unit that is not too long, going for something wide will make it appear more substantial. Consider your bookcase width concerning its height. Hence, if you want a suitable tall bookcase, getting several narrow units as opposed to one big one will ensure better flexibility for adding or subtracting of required storage spaces.

Depth: Many shelves have a minimum depth of 12 inches, allowing enough space for storage, though a couple bookcases, most especially leaning or ladder style are made with narrower shelving. You should consider whatever you intend to put on your preferred bookcase before settling for any particular one.

The spaces between shelves: So if your bookcase has fixed shelves, try measuring the space existing between them just to make sure your accent pieces and books will fit in nicely. Flexible-height shelves obviously provide better flexibility.

Types of Bookcases

Regular Bookcases: This looks very common, but they represent the freestanding, basic bookcases in horizontal or vertical styles. Designed with shelves to hold standard sized books, and sit against a wall. This particular bookcase is available in different widths and heights.

Decorative Bookcases: You want something that is very functional but with a little oomph? Decorative bookcases along with étagères will help hold and showcase what you want while displaying a bold style statement. If you seek some mid-century modern, glam in your home office or living room, there is a bookcase for you.

Barrister Bookcases: Designed with the looks of stacked cabinets, these set of bookcases look more formal with solid doors or flip-up glass. If you are the type that loves traditional styles, vintage or your space is more professional, a barrister bookcase will complete your classic desires.

Cube Bookcases: These bookcases are multi-purpose based. They are suitable for stacking, storing shoes, holding baskets, displaying your TV and many other things that haven't come to mind yet. The cube bookcase is fitting if you fancy a somewhat modern, exotic cubby-style bookcase that will be easily extended in height or width.

Ladder & Leaning Bookcases: With its space-saving make, the ladder or leaning bookcase will always offer casual styling to any room type. The shelves are larger at the bottom and become smaller as it approaches the top, making it possible for you to fool around with a variety of items, helping you create a major focal point.

Library & Wall Bookcases: Every book-loving person has something special in mind concerning how their books should be displayed, and it all begins with a library and wall bookcases. If you can afford it, a whole room could be dedicated to your library bookcases. So if you decide to put your library bookcase in a dual-purpose or smaller room, make sure you have an empty wall readily available.

Material Types

Bookshelves are manufactured from different materials. Here are the popular ones:

Wood: The wooden bookcases provide a robust, traditional look with a durable frame. Woods are more ideal for the standard bookcases because they can support heavy weights.

Particle board: Should you be careful about your budget, go for a particle-board shelve, as it provides the looks of genuine wood for a cheaper cost. Know that particle boards are not as rugged as the original thing though, so ensure you consider factors like weight limits before stuffing your shelves with books.

Metal: Metallic shelves can provide sturdy storage without so much bulk like particle board or wood. This qualifies it as the best material for anyone who likes a streamlined and contemporary outlook.