2-Shelf Bookcases (White)

People who read a lot have the tendency of collecting many books over a long period. Bookcases are excellent for displaying and storing them. When there are no bookcases, those books will only be cluttering our attics and garage. Bookcases are both decorative and functional. It is easier to add them to any house than you would for most other cabinetries. If you’re looking for a white 2-shelf bookcase, browse through the wide selection of bookcases below.

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2-Shelf Bookcases (White) Catalog

Bookcases serve as the best means of displaying books, collectibles as well as pictures. Bookshelves can work with any décor and enhance the room’s aesthetics. If your room décor is contemporary, then choose brushed metal or solid colors for ensuring a contemporary outlook. Glass bookcases equally are suitable for casual or modern rooms.

Traditional homes work best with cases that are made of dark wood. Bookshelves that are made with light colored woods such as oak and pine will complement country homes a lot.

Consider these tips before buying your bookcase:

Decide the position of your bookcase

If you are going to use your bookcase items often, as you do for home offices, ensure the shelve front has sufficient room so you can easily reach out and collect whatever it is that you want. Utilize the unused space beneath your stairs as well as hallways by using bookcases that are of waist height. Bookcases that are open-shelved can equally double as room partitions, zoning off separate areas.

What you intend to put inside?

Consider what you intend to store on your bookcase so you will know the number of bookshelves needed. If you are using it for just books, know the book count and get the height so there will be sufficient shelf height. Go for bookcases that can be adjusted so you can use them for different book sizes. If you want to showcase your vases, picture frames as well as storage baskets, take the height and depth of the shelve into consideration.

Fitted Bookcases

Fitted bookcases can be customized to suit your space and needs. They do protrude as far as to ceilings and even utilize the most awkward areas such as sloping ceilings and corners. Nevertheless, these bookcase types are generally more expensive and can only be put together by experts.

Request for bookcase doors if you prefer to protect your books and other items from moisture and dust.

There are various options for modern and traditional looking homes. For classic outlook, go with bookcases that have decorative edges and plinths. Modern homes make more sense with streamlined, sleeker shelving.

Freestanding Bookcases

A freestanding bookcase seems more dynamic compared to fitted bookcases, in case you want to relocate from one place to another.

For a contemporary touch, select a sleek looking bookcase that has glass shelves or metal legs. Brightly colored or patterned bookcases also account for a beautiful scene.

Other Creative Stuff

Consider fitting lights inside or atop the bookcase to illuminate the shelves. You can use wallpapers inside the bookcase to create a unique look.