3-Shelf Bookcases (White)

Bookcases serve as common furniture in many homes, and come in various sizes and shapes, ranging from avant-garde to traditional designs. The style and function of bookcases vary from one room type to another. Having a few of these units will complement your room outlook and serve both decorative and practical values. If you’re looking for a white 3-shelf bookcase, browse through the wide selection of bookcases below.

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3-Shelf Bookcases (White) Catalog

Make plans before buying a bookcase since there are different types of bookcases out there. You should have enough idea about the furniture that befits your personal needs and home décor.

Some fundamental questions you can ask yourself before buying a bookcase:

  • Which room am I going to place the bookcase?
  • What decoration theme is the room currently has?
  • Should my bookcase serves as a modern focal point or as a classic accent piece for the room?
  • Where do I want my bookcase to be placed?
  • What items I should put inside the bookcase? (Size should be considered)
  • Amount of items that are to be put inside?
  • What number of shelves do I need?
  • Should the bookcase be easily movable?

You could choose to buy custom built or freestanding units that will fit your needs and space. Presently, freestanding bookcases do exist in various widths and heights. They are flexible enough to be used inside rooms in any dimension. Separate units can be moved easily and arranged into various combination setups. It is easier to move these bookcases without having to dismantle them compared to built-in bookcases.

Built-in bookcases are similar to shelving that has been fixed to a wall, or it could be as complicated as tailor-fitted units that have doors, plus other specifications of your choice. The height of the bookcase can reach up to the ceiling as a way of utilizing space to the fullest.

Some bookcases come with doors where you can open or close. You can select ones that are made with solid wood or glass doors to protect the content from direct sunlight or dust. Lockable doors are useful for securing valuable items.

There is an oriental style bookcase that looks like an elegant cupboard, and it is suitable to enhance the room decor. Also, this type is ideal for concealing certain items gorgeously.

Planning out bookcases for your kids can fun. Reading goes beyond educating the kids; it also provides some sort of entertainment. Having a colorful bookcase will give your kids the impression that reading isn't mundane in any way.

Settling for the appropriate bookcases to store and organize your books is key to ensuring the room looking comfortable and neat every day.