4-Shelf Bookcases (White)

Having a bookcase to your home is one sure way to enhance your décor and functionality. Irrespective of your furniture style, wall color, or decoration choice, there must be an existing bookcase with four shelves that will suit your home. If you’re looking for a white 4-shelf bookcase, browse through the wide selection of bookcases below.

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4-Shelf Bookcases (White) Catalog

The 4-Shelf Bookcase Guide

First, you need to consider what you want to use the bookcase for. It doesn't have to be for books only. Most people use bookcases for decoration purposes, and this has something to do with the popularity of corner bookcases. Corners are mostly awkward in appearance when it comes to decoration, but this furniture piece will fit into every corner with great ease. Here you could store your collectibles as well as other items that ought to be displayed in your home.

Another point worth noting is whether you prefer to mount the four shelves bookcase on the wall or one that stands on the floor. If you want a model that stands on the ground, you will need it anchored to the wall stud. It is to prevent the bookcase from falling and possibly hurting its victim.

The three basic bookcases types are:

Barrister bookcase: Barrister bookcases are best suited for large rooms since they occupy so much floor space. They have glass doors which help in sliding out the frame for ensuring book protection, and they do have big shelves that can hold tall items. This type of bookcase is ideal for keeping old or antique books since they are kept safe inside the glass container.

Modular bookcase: Modular bookcases can fit into just any room type. They exist in sets that can be adjusted, creating tall bookcases that will use your wall space, stretching out across the room and making use of the floor space. These furniture items are detachable, thereby dividing them into separate bookcases. With this feature, they are available as bookcases and also for aesthetics purposes, making them a multipurpose type. They are designed in different sizes and shapes, ranging from contemporary triangles to traditional squares.

Leaning bookcase: Due to its “A” frame, many leaning bookcases are suitable as corner bookcases. They help to ensure that you properly utilize the space, and with the back being open, it provides a beautiful outlook of the wall behind.

Shelf bookcases: Just like its name, these are shelves arranged to fit various book sizes, and such bookshelves are either closed-backed or open-backed.

Always remember that these bookcases are made with various finishes, which is suitable for accenting the décor of any home. Take your time before settling for any one of them, and start enjoying the benefits that come with these bookcases.