5-Shelf Bookcases (White)

The five shelves bookcases happen to be a very renowned bookcase style. It's portable enough to suit any location type, on the condition that there is available space though. It is useful in storing books, displaying collectibles, or any other decorative items. There are also others that can be mounted to a wall. If you're looking for a white 5-shelf bookcase, browse through the wide selection of bookcases below.

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5-Shelf Bookcases (White) Catalog

If you are exploring bookcases for your home, the options are simply enormous. Regardless of how much space available in your living room, you still have a high chance of coming across a bookcase that suits taste and needs.

There are 7 basic bookcases types, with all of them coming in different shapes, finishes, and sizes. Whatever your plans are in terms of decorating schemes, bookcases are excellent for adding style to a particular room.

These versatile furniture pieces are suitable for displaying pictures, partitioning a room, organizing your closet, storing your kids' toys, and many more. Bookcases fit into anywhere there is space, and they are useful for organizing and displaying items.

The 7 Main Bookcases Types

Always remember that each bookcase type can always be suited to the way you like it. Usually, shelves are adjustable, with the ability to change its size based on the available space.

Below are the highlights for the 7 main bookcase types:

  • Leaning bookcases make a room look more appealing as they are leaned upon the wall. They have “A” frame along with various shelve sizes from top to bottom.
  • Shelf bookcases represent the most popular type. There are shelf bookcases that have as much as six shelves and some as few as two shelves. These shelves can be adjusted and are capable of holding items of various sizes and shapes.
  • Modular bookcases exist in stackable sets, independently fitted, or even stretched out. They are most useful for creating traditional bookshelves, or you could have them mounted on the wall in inspiring ways. This category of bookcases is also in various designs and sizes, which makes them appropriate for just about anywhere.
  • Barrister bookcases are made with glass doors for protecting every shelf. Individual doors have their hinges, which makes it easy for sliding out the glass whenever necessary. This type of bookcase is generally large, suitable to protect your books, collectibles, knick-knack, and many more.
  • Built-in bookcases fit into rooms automatically. Because they become part of the wall space, these bookcases are great for opening up any room. You must make sure you are 100% sure about this bookcase type since they are immovable, unlike other models.
  • Corner bookcases are most efficient in utilizing spaces, even in small rooms, by offering plenty of storage options. When decorating the corner spaces in your home, this bookcase can help organize and spruce up the room's decor.
  • Ladder bookcases are available in the freestanding form. Their sleek look makes them great for decorating your home. These bookcases exist in modern designs and fit nicely into tight spaces.