Chaise Lounge Chairs (Gray)

If you are on vacation and want to enjoy a sunny day, or want just to want to relax in your living room, then all you would want is a chaise lounge. You should be thanking the European’s for this brilliant invention. If they haven’t invented the chaise lounge, your relaxing experience would be sub-par. If you’re looking for an indoor gray chaise lounge, browse through the wide selection of chaise lounges below.

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Chaise Lounge Chairs (Gray) Catalog

It doesn't matter you want to use it indoor or outdoor because its purpose is to relax you and it always does its job. Chaise lounges are made from materials like plastic, wood, and metal. But according to experts in woods, teak and redwood are the best to be used because teak woods are most reliable, durable and can last decades if maintained and taken care properly.

Chaise lounges success can be summed up just in one word, and that is relaxation. Its design can provide quick relaxation, and one can take a power nap. Some of them even have a tray and side arms attached to them so you can put your stuff such as mobile phones, notes, and beverages, etc. For the best result, it is better to choose the cushion or mattress of your own choice so you can relax up to your expectations.

Choosing a Chaise Lounge

Generally, people like the fluffy cushion, but you could be some different type of person who prefers a firm and hard cushion, so it’s up to you to choose which cushion is the best for you. So, the conclusion is that next time when you plan to get a chaise lounge, you can go to brick mortar shop and buy one — but it is suggested to buy the chaise lounge online at for your home for better quality, great designs, diverse selections and more.


In the French era, they called this furniture “lit-de-repose” which means “a long chair meant for recycling” and today we call it chaise lounge. After a while, it became popular in the US, and they began to call it chaise lounge because it was used in lounging purposes.

Chaise lounges were first introduced by immigrating European’s at the start of the 19th century. Soon they gain so much popularity in the US because of their unique design and usage. They were very widespread in many countries before the 19th century, but their history goes to the French era.