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Console tables can be either rectangular, half-circle, long and short, and they are excellent furniture to be placed behind the sofas or the entryways. They have been built to provide additional storage for a smaller area that doesn't have enough room. If you're looking for a black console table, browse through the wide selection of console tables below.

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Function versus Style

Console tables are not only known for their useful functionalities, but they can also make a room appear more attractive and elegant. They can also be instrumental when it comes to holding decorative items. These could be vases or even your picture frames. Before going out for shopping, it is essential for you to decide on how such a console table will be used. A decision like this will help narrow down your options regarding which one to buy.

When it comes to style, some console tables are only going to be trendy for a short while. While the classic looking ones have always stayed in style for years. This implies that purchasing a classic console table will be much better as compared to one that is trendy. But most importantly, the best approach is always trying to select ones that match the surroundings.


A console table that can last for a very long period should also be considered. Although they may not carry lots of items as compared to coffee tables or dining tables, those poorly built console tables can breakdown or depreciate within a short time. Wooden console tables are highly durable. If you want a console table with metals construct, look out for the ones which come with welded joints. The ones with riveted or screwed joints should be avoided. Screws will become stripped as time goes by. This might require constant repairs, so go for those with welded joints. At least you will not be spending on repairs regularly.


Just as stated earlier, wooden console tables are very durable even though they aren't as good as metal or steel tables when it comes to styles. Metal tables with from tiles of glass seem to be increasingly popular. Your chosen material will certainly determine the style you are looking for. Wooden consoles have a classic look, while metal or steel tables seem to be on the contemporary side.


The amount of available space available for your console is essential as well. Before going shopping, make sure that you have checked the measurements. Most of the time, console tables can fit into tight spaces. Avoid those that will take up all the areas in your entryway, and in this case, pick a smaller console table.

However, if the space in your entryway is ample, you can go for a larger console table. The bottom line is to ensure you have correctly measured the area. It can be frustrating if the table won't fit the designated area.