Gray Console Tables

Console tables are very versatile living room furniture pieces due to their function as well as fashionable nature. The latter feature will enhance the atmosphere and overall look of the room. Console tables are mostly used for decorative and storage purposes, and they can also become the buffer between your wall and the back of the sofa. If you're looking for a gray console table, browse through the wide selection of console tables below.

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The finishing and style of a console table should be determined by where you place it. If the table is kept inside the living room, it will enhance the look of other furniture pieces. In case you want to get one that is a perfect match with other furniture pieces, there are console tables which come with stools, storage ottomans, side tables, or coffee tables. Your focus should be on the appearance of its top if you place the table between a couch and a wall.

If you place the console table in the hallway, add a nice lamp on it to brighten the area.  And it is always essential to have somewhere to put stuff like keys when passing through the hallway — and that where a console table can become useful. You can display family photos on the table top too.

The versatility of console tables goes beyond placing small stuff on top. Bigger console tables can even support a TV set. So there's no need to purchase an entertainment unit since the console table can already replace that role. Being practical and elegant at the same time is such a big bonus to your living room decor. Make your room to be compact and neat.

Most people want to have a home office, and whether you've got the space for an office or there is a small area that you can use, having a console table would be an apt choice. Use it to organize items like paperwork, computer, or laptop. Best of all is that your room will appear unique and stylish.

Console tables are pretty similar to vanities or dressers that can add storage to your room. You can even add ornaments as well as photos to make them look more attractive.

There are various types of console tables that you can choose from, and most will have drawers and shelves. It is all about selecting the one that meets your necessities. Any of them can certainly make your home livelier and sophisticated.