White Console Tables

Sofa tables or console tables are commonly used in most homes today. Although generally used for decorative purposes, there are other clever ways to use them. Their shapes are either long, short, circular, and rectangular.  Some come units have cabinets and drawers installed. If you're looking for a white console table, browse through the wide selection of console tables below.

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White Console Tables Catalog

Due to the sleek nature of console tables, some homes just can't do it without having at least one of them. They can be placed in living rooms, against walls, close to couches or sofas. Use them for their function, as a decorative element, or both.

5 Places to Use a Console Table

The Entryway: Using a console table on the entryway can provide a welcoming and warm atmosphere. It will help to create a positive impression on guests by serving it as the focal point. Since entryways don't usually have furniture, console tables can be a great addition to them.

The perfectly build console tables are those of a combination of styles and functionalities. You can put a lovely looking lamp and family photos with a large mirror being placed above. A small bowl to put the keys or hand phones is one of those practical ways to use the console table.

The Living Room: Due to the narrow nature of console tables, they don't take up too much space. A console table can be used to accommodate a television too. Great for those who don't want to buy an entertainment center to host their TV set. Make sure to find ones that can accommodate DVD player, music player, and media box as well.

Home Office: Large office tables are troublesome to put in small apartments. Console tables, in this case, can be a great option. They are compact, small and can hold laptops as well as other files.

Any space where there is a power source is good enough. It is important that essentials can easily fit into such a console table. These could be a computer, books or a printer. The overall look can be complemented with a slim designer chair.

The Bedroom: If your bedroom is congested, trying to including a dressing table can make such a situation worse. With the narrow nature of console tables, essentials can be organized properly. You only need lighting and mirror to complement them. Jewelry and make-up accessories can be stashed in those small boxes (or in the cupboard underneath).

Console tables are great vanity furniture. You can get a mirror hanged above them and a stool (small) tucked underneath. They can save lots of space in such an area.

The Dining Room: Console tables that come with open shelves can be used to hold cans, glassware, and cups. Food items such as snacks can be placed on top. The best part is that all that stuff is now always within your reach.