One place that surely has a lot of attention in a room, especially the living room, is a fireplace. It is a place you would love to hang around when it is cold, as it provides cheers and warmth on a good day. If you’re looking for a lovely fireplace, select any of the catalogs below and browse through a wide variety of modern fireplaces for sale.

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What Are the Various Fireplace Options?

Woodburning, stove, electric or open fire? Let us explore the options regarding choosing the best fireplace for your home.

Open Fireplaces

Nothing is as good as the romance that is attached with open fire, though they are not the most practical option in some homes. “Open” simply means that the fire burn in the open air of the room, and not behind the doors; only 15% of the generated heat finds its way to the room – the other 85% goes up the chimney.

Nevertheless, there are many different styles of open fireplaces. They are available in regular styles, contemporary or traditional designs, and expensive or cheap options.

Woodburning Stoves

As much 80% of the generated heat from woodburning stove enters into a room, still radiating heat even when the fire has been extinguished, allowing you to enjoy more warmth for a longer time compared to open fireplaces.

Having said that, you need a professional to help you evaluate your flue’s draw of air; generally, the more straight your flue, the more the draw – this will determine the type of woodburner that will be most suitable for your property.

Stoves and multi-fuel burners that are designed with built-in broilers are also an excellent choice. Always use a plumber to make the connection between the system and the pipe outlets behind.

Modern Fireplaces

A contemporary hole-in-the-wall fireplace is always a good option for a house that lacks flue. The unused gases are gotten rid of through a special pipe that is extended outside through the wall. Typically, they comprise firebasket that are not likely to give out so much warmth but do contain ceramic coal or pebbles faux logs that provide that flickering flame effect. There are also versions for your outdoor use.

Electric Fires

Coal, as well as log-effect gas, can be considered as a viable option to woodburning stoves or open fire, and they are absolutely mess-free. They are available in a variety of styles (the more expensive ones have more features and appear more practical), and some of them draw air away from the room and replace it with heat, which ultimately contributes to a better output.

Before you set up a fireplace, you need to seek professional advice. Your choice of a fireplace regarding style and size has a lot to do with how much space you have in your room, the kind of heat needed, your flue type, as well as your hearth size.

If not for anything, you should consider to include a fireplace for your home, as some said it could help to increase your property value by a whopping 5%.