Wall-Mounted Electric Fireplaces

A wall-mounted electric fireplace can prove to be a wonderful addition to any living space. For those who are space-conscious, the wall-mount electric fireplace can be a perfect option when it comes to wall decor. These electric fireplaces combine the elements of fire, instantaneous heat source, and modern designs that will enhance the overall look and atmosphere of your living room. If you're looking for a wall-mounted electric fireplace, browse through the wide selection of electric fireplaces below.

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Wall-Mounted Electric Fireplaces Catalog

Wall-Mounted Electric Fireplace: Here Are 5 Benefits That They Can Offer You

There are various designs of wall-mounted electric fireplaces that are available. These wall-mounted units are elegant and sleek with stainless steel panels (black and white). Just by flipping a switch, these fireplaces will create realistic flames and warmth to your living room.

Some modern types do come with LED lights with changeable color patterns. There are also fuel beds that you can adjust to whatsoever you desire. They could be shells, translucent rocks, or anything else. Some of the benefits of wall-mounted electric fireplaces are listed below:

They Can Be Placed to Almost Anywhere

It is possible to place this fireplace anywhere around the home. The best part is that you will still have enough spare space around. There isn't any particular spot or location where these pieces can be mounted to. Put the fireplace inside your living room, office, bedroom, or any other places that you desire.

They Aren't That Expensive

Wall-mounted electric models aren't too expensive. This is because compared to floor-based units, they are smaller. Getting wall-mounted units with similar size to medium-sized picture frames is always possible.

Less Cost of Installation

Installing a wall-mounted unit isn't expensive compared to other fireplaces since traditional fireplaces require a decent ventilation system. You only need to mount it, and then plug it to a power source. Also, no gas line installation, expensive venting system, or any specialized labor is required.

It Is Energy Efficient and Eco-friendly

Electric fireplaces don't cause any harm to the environment. They do not emit harmful pollutants, and when it comes to energy consumption, they only cost around 3 cents for each hour. However, the same thing cannot be said for models that have a flame/heating feature – which can cost around 12 cents for every hour.

Comfort: On-Demand

Every wall-mounted unit ensures that heat and flame are controlled independently. You can enjoy their fire ambiance in any season with heat disabled. This means you can enable the supplemental heat feature whenever you need it.

The wall-mounted electric fireplaces are worth purchasing due to the benefits they offer. But it is essential to find out which type is suitable for your home first before getting one.