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Living rooms are always a great center of attraction where loved ones love to hang around and accompany one another. Come to think of it; you do spend most of your day inside this room, most likely whiling away time on your best sofa. Living rooms are where we watch our favorite shows courtesy the big screen with snacks on a coffee table. This is one room you would always wish it were comfortable and neat. If you’re looking for a gray living room set, browse through the wide selection of living room sets below.

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Decoration Tips for Living Rooms

Perhaps you just entered a new place, or you are considering a complete makeover, decorating your sitting room is the best place to start dictating the mood of your whole house. Here you are going to find some tips that can bring out the true beauty of your sitting room.

First off, choose your budget. You can end up with a hefty bill for yourself when you are not planning or getting the wrong sofa set. Know what your budget is concerning such a project, and work with it.

Do you have a small or big living room? The size of the room will equally determine the color you can use for painting the room. Smaller rooms work with brighter, lighter colors that can make a small space look big. In contrast, dark colors are suitable for large rooms as it doesn’t make the area look over-occupied.

Room sizes are very important when it comes to choosing decorations. The more your furniture, the smaller a room looks. A room that is already looking narrow will become cramped when you stock it with many furniture items and too many wall decorations.

Desist from lining all your furnishings against the wall. It only creates a square and stale kind of look. Instead, pull the couch and chairs away from your walls and put flowers, lamps or narrow and tall statuettes behind the furnishings. This will give your sitting room an extra fitting.

Deciding how you intend to implement your sitting room will aid you in choosing a furniture piece and decor that would be most fitting. Do you require a bit of space so you can play Wii in your room? Is it a lounge room for reading, watching TV, playing board games, or doing yoga? Do you intend to host large gatherings of people? TV rooms work with large screens wall-mounted before an open space. Lounge rooms usually have several chairs that are cushioned or bean bags along with one table that is perfect for holding snacks as well as drinks.

Experiment with textures. Never be afraid of using stripes along with polka dots within one room. Apply bright colors and throw rugs or variegated pillows for adding life to that room.

Mirrors can make your room look bigger. Set them on top the mantel, put them somewhere empty above a bigger furniture piece.

Lighting is an excellent asset to your sitting room. Put lights behind your furniture pieces or on top end-tables. Employ the use of 3-way bulbs for creating various lighting levels. Lamps come in different shapes, sizes as well as colors. These lamps are practical and could add the right ambiance to any room.