Gray Leather Loveseats

Whether you live in a house or apartment, redecorating will always be limited to the space you have. If your living room, for instance, isn't a wide open space, then some adjustments and sacrifices for the decor are due, such as opting for loveseats instead of a full-length sofa. If you’re looking for a gray leather loveseat, browse through the wide selection of leather loveseats below.

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Gray Leather Loveseats Catalog

Usually 53″ to 60 inches in width, and 34″ to 38 inches in height and depth, loveseats complete a living room set without taking up too much space. As probably the largest piece of furniture in the room, loveseats play a pivotal role in the look of the entire living space.

By choosing these seats as a focal point for the room, you can trim down the rest of the living room furniture and arrange the space so as it appears bigger than it really is. After all, clutter will easily create a cramped look for the room, which any homeowner would want to avoid.

To bring loveseats into the focus of the room, choose upholstery or slip covers that will surely pop out. For example, if your room is stark white, your sofa should be a bold color to provide contrast. Keep other furniture simple and coordinate them with the room's color rather than stand out like the loveseat. This way, you can create the illusion of an expansive space around a single piece of furniture.

You can take the illusion you've set up a step further with a few ways to trick the eye. First of all, don't be tempted to give your small living room a dark paint job even if you think loveseats look best in pale upholstery. Keep to pale shades that will help make the room feel bigger. If you want to keep a pale color for your loveseats, there are a number of wall paint colors that can complement it without making the room feel smaller.

Next, consider adding mirrors to the room to make it open up. By cleverly positioning them in the room, your living space will feel even larger.

But don't sacrifice personality when you want to maximize space. Dress up your loveseats with accessories such as personalized throw pillows or a slip cover that reflects the look of your home. Aside from what you can put on your loveseats, don't be afraid to add plants, artwork and tabletop décor. Just make sure not to put too much as these can also become visual clutter.

It can be a challenge to furnish a small space, but by making good use of your loveseats as a focal point, you can create an impressive, yet cozy, living room.