3-Piece Nesting Tables

Nesting tables are pieces of furniture that can be both beautiful and functional. These tables are handy when you have insufficient space. It can fit into small spaces, and simultaneously provides the use of 3 tables all at once. Aesthetically, it adds style to the overall room décor. If you're looking for a 3-piece nesting table, browse through the wide selection of nesting tables below.

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3-Piece Nesting Tables Catalog

Nesting tables are comprised of 2 to 5 tables that are neatly stacked. The best part about nesting tables is that even when you aren't making use of the tables, you could just stack them. Because of this feature, you don't have to waste so much space.

Here are a couple of advantages you get when you use nesting tables:

Maximize Small Spaces

Whether you are living in a condo or an apartment, there is a possibility that you will have insufficient space in your home. This is where you would find a nesting table very useful. For example, if you have some guests coming over to hang around for the evening, you could use these tables to put food and drinks if you don't have enough surface. When the gathering is over, you could tuck these tables one into another and put it away.

Modern Styling

Although you may not be comfortable using tables with different sizes, you should know that the different sizes have their own unique effects.

Consider a contemporary art gallery. You'd see different pillar sizes holding unique art pieces. Although they have similar looks, their various heights result in a visual effect that fits perfectly inside a contemporary home setting. They unintentionally will add little attraction to one's eyes regardless of your décor.


Do you have a coffee table in your home? If you lack a coffee table, but always wished you had one, you could use nesting tables as a replacement in your living room.

If you have a group sitting next to each other, you could arrange the tables next to one another, creating a coffee table which will offer everyone ample space should they need to put down whatever they are holding. Better than pulling out the tables and spread them across the room.


You may think nesting tables are limited when it comes to design, well, that may not be true. Thanks to the people who are staying in smaller apartments, condominiums, or homes, furniture makers are doing everything they can to produce furniture pieces that are small-space friendly. Today you will see nesting tables with unique designs and patterns, from oak mission pieces to modern glass or metal pieces.

Depending on your creativity, there are many ways to use these tables.