Black Storage Ottomans

If you plan to spruce up your lounge or living room and need to stash away some items, select an Ottoman that has storage space inside. It can help you create an additional room to place your items, especially ones that are not always flattering to display. You can even store some pillows or cushions, an extra blanket, and find the perfect quick fix for the scattered stuff. If you’re looking for a black storage Ottoman, browse through the wide selection of storage Ottomans below.

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Black Storage Ottomans Catalog

Room Decorating Guide for Choosing the Right Ottoman

If you are looking for a guide or tips to find the most suitable Ottoman for your living room, keep reading for the following decorating tips that will help you:

Know Your Use

There are various ways to use these Ottomans. You can use these as tables or coffee tables. Cylindrical ones can be used as stools. Plus, you can have smaller ones that you may later join together. Some can even be arranged to serve as an extra seat. If you are clear about what you want from your Ottoman, it would not be challenging for you to find the perfect one.

Be Creative

The Ottomans are a piece viewed as an accessory to enhance your furniture appearance. Treat it like an accent piece and a medium to add personality to the living room. Go out your way with your selection of shapes, materials, and colors. Try newer patterns and shapes and find how to adjust them within the setting of your living room.

Matching Is Overrated

This will help you to determine how you want the Ottoman to be there as a piece in itself rather than just merging in with the rest. Contrasting colors will help break the norm. You can play with shades and create light and dark contrasts.

Think Durable

While choosing an Ottoman, you also want to make sure that it pays off well. If you intend to use the Ottoman as a multi-purpose tool, make sure it’s made from sturdy stuff. If you are going to be using the Ottoman as a table and a sofa, think what type of structure will be able to hold it best. Also, if using an Ottoman as a footrest, be careful with the fabric. Use a stain resistant and long-lasting fabric such as leather or micro suede.

Space Savers

Some Ottomans come with a lid and a storage space facility in them. There are always things in the house that would require extra space. The depths of these storages vary, so keep that in mind as well as to which would be suitable for you.