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Ottomans are a stylish and useful piece of furniture that adds some spice to your house. Ottomans can function in various ways; from seating, foot resting, to a coffee table and storage unit. You can use storage Ottomans for keeping extra supplies at hand. Moreover, the right shape and size can complement the empty area in your living room. If you’re looking for a blue storage Ottoman, browse through the wide selection of storage Ottomans below.

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Choosing an Ottoman

When selecting an Ottoman, there are several things you would want to take into consideration. For example, think about the purpose first and then decide about the color (try to match the color scheme in the room). You will have no difficulty selecting an Ottoman if you know how to pair up with your sofas and chairs. Also, think about how much space you want your Ottoman to cover. Compare it with the size/area of the room and even the shapes of the other furniture. Decide whether or not you want to create contrast.

If you want comfort and softness to be an element in your room, you can go for a round shape one. If you are using it as a seat or table, go for a squared or rectangle Ottoman.

Putting Your Ottoman to Good Use

Put your Ottoman to good use and decide the applications beforehand. If you are using it as a coffee table, choose one that levels below your sofa. Use a storage Ottoman to double as a table. Place appealing trays on top to make an aesthetic coffee table and keep extra food or drink in the storage compartment. Keep extra pillows, books, or baby toys at hand all the time without cluttering the room.

After a bustling day, use your Ottoman to rest your feet. To spruce up the decor, select a circle shape which brings a soft look to your room. Choose a sturdy and rectangular shaped Ottoman to use as extra seating. Tuck away under a table when not in use.

The Ottoman as Storage

To stash away other things like books, remotes, or pillows, a storage Ottoman will be the ideal choice. Decide how many items you would want to put inside the storage to help you pick the perfect size of your storage Ottoman. You can even buy more than one Ottomans as preparation for extra seating when lots of guests coming over. You can choose multiple Ottomans in different sizes and shapes and put them together as seating and a coffee table.