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Ottomans are multi-function furniture pieces that help significantly in adding style to your living room. Along with that, it ties the furniture and other elements together. While selecting an Ottoman for your living room, pick one that is befitting your décor taste, the style of rest of the room, and its size. If you’re looking for a brown storage Ottoman, browse through the wide selection of storage Ottomans below.

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Tips On Coordinating Your Ottoman with Your Living Room

Things that should be taken into consideration are:

Colors: Colors can be a game changer if you want your Ottoman to become an accent piece.  Add Ottoman with interesting color and pattern if you feel your room is too dull. This will add charm to the room and make the Ottoman stand out. In a room with monochromatic colors, adding a contrasting color will increase the personality of the room. If you want to make your room look cohesive, you can go for the same color for the Ottoman as the rest of the furniture. This will also create a classic and conventional look.

Size: The size of the Ottoman should either be in harmony with the space in your room and the space of the furniture. For a casual look, pick a smaller Ottoman as an addition. While for a dramatic vibe, draw more attention to the Ottoman than the rest of the furniture — this means the Ottoman should be larger in size, but keep in mind an Ottoman too tall might result in discomfort. Always make sure that the Ottoman sits lower than your sofa to make it comfortable.

Fabric: The fabric of the Ottoman can bring extra oomph to it. For a traditional appearance, go for the same fabric as the rest of the furniture. If you want to highlight the Ottoman, play around with a textured fabric.

Style and Function: Determining the function of your Ottoman is one of the essential factors. For instance, some Ottomans come with storage space in them, and you can hide away books or magazines. Some Ottomans have a textured leathered top while some have upholstery fabrics. Some Ottomans can be used as a coffee table, serving as a dual-purpose piece of furniture. List down and identify the important functions you need your Ottoman to perform. This will later give you a head start in choosing the color, style, and size of your Ottoman.