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Ottomans are one of the most overlooked pieces of furniture. Ottomans serve a multitude of functions in a living room. Apart from being a beautiful accent piece, an Ottoman can add cohesive value to your decoration, and at the same time, keeping your feet at ease. If you’re looking for a gray storage Ottoman, browse through the wide selection of storage Ottomans below.

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Things to Consider While Buying an Ottoman

The following are seven criteria that you should consider so that your Ottoman can fit perfectly in your room.

Functions: After a long day, putting your feet up is one of the most relaxing feelings. An Ottoman can serve as a relaxer for your feet and as furniture or an extra seat when needed. This multi-purpose piece will serve amazingly as a center table. If you think an extra coffee table would overcrowd the room, the Ottoman can take over the job pretty well.

Shapes: Ottomans come in various shapes and sizes that can match any room decor. Round is the most common and feasible shape giving your room an elegant and luxurious look. Square or rectangular Ottomans also are popular for a classical outlook of the room. If your furniture is harsh-edged, place a square Ottoman for a harmonious look. It all depends on the overall expression of the room.

One or More?

While choosing the appropriate Ottoman for your room besides the shapes, you can also pick two or more Ottomans depending on the size of the room. Round, rectangular or square Ottoman can go as a single footrest. You can also place the L-shaped Ottoman against the walls to make it as an occasional chair. Moreover, you can arrange multiple ones to form either a table or sofa.


Ottoman can not only be used as seats but also as storage spaces for extra magazines and remotes for the living room. Some of the Ottomans can be open up, and some have removable tops that provide additional space for small items. They can act as a storage unit, seating object, footrest, or even a coffee table when needed. Making them multi-purpose and essential room organizers.


When using an Ottoman as a table, sofa, and for feet resting, it is likely that some stains would be inevitable. If there are pets in your house, try an acrylic or microfiber cloth for the Ottoman. These fabrics will be easy to wash and bear less damage to washing. Also, try stain and water resistance fabrics if frequently using the Ottoman.


Ottomans come in various forms that may go very well with your living room furniture. You can choose a decorative one with wooden carvings to complement your classical furniture. For a modern look, you can play extensively with geometric shapes. To maintain your living room’s contemporary aesthetic, try something cylindrical and triangular with upholstered fabric.

If you have a large family and intend for everyday use, try looking for strong and heavy ones that will be able to bear the weight without wearing out too early.