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Ottomans are incredibly resourceful and beautiful pieces of furniture to add in your living room. Apart from being comfortable and pleasing to the eyes, Ottomans can be used in many different ways to match the aesthetic of your décor, and these useful pieces should be in your living room. If you’re looking for a white storage Ottoman, browse through the wide selection of storage Ottomans below.

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Ottoman Buying Guide

Here are some factors to take into consideration before buying Ottoman perfect for you:

Ottoman Shapes: Ottomans come in many ranges of sizes. Finding the perfect size for your living room is dependent on many things. To make your room appears plush and comfy, round shaped Ottomans are an ideal choice. Square Ottomans are great for tying the furniture together. These can go very well with many different shapes of sofas and chairs. Squared Ottomans serve amazingly as a table if you don’t want to fill up the room with one. For footrest, a bench Ottoman can splendidly do the job. Rectangle shaped ottomans can also be used as tables or stools.

Storage Ottomans: Ottomans also come with detachable lids that reveal a storage space within the Ottoman. These can be ideally used to store extra items, and we all need a disguised storage room. You can use these for storing away remotes, books, magazines or DVDs. If you can’t find a place for keeping away extra pillows and blankets, you can put them inside your Ottoman. These are great for a quick de-cluttering of the room. Decide the things you want to be putting in it beforehand. Then you can select the perfect size for storage Ottoman. Moreover, some storage Ottomans also have food trays with them. Some contain baskets in them to have easy access to the things you choose to put in the storage Ottoman.

Ottoman Material: Your lifestyle should determine the material for the perfect Ottoman. If you are utilizing Ottoman as a footrest, table, and seating, look for a material that will have less tearing and tend to be more long-lasting. In such conditions, pick an Ottoman with a leathered top. However, greasy food and leather Ottomans may not have the best chemistry, since it can layer up oils. For a multi-purpose Ottoman, choose fabrics. These will go together beautifully with other furniture pieces and is always easy to wash. Just be careful not to pair light fabric with leathered furniture.

Materials like microfiber and micro suede are very easy to wash and will feel super soft. These add a look of softness and bring comfort to the Ottoman. If you think any of these materials would be susceptible to wear and tear, opt for slipcovers. These can be easy to replace on different occasions and extremely convenient to wash and keep clean. These will keep the original Ottoman protected as well.