Sofa Beds (with Storage)

Sofa beds provide comfort and flexibility, and If you have limited spaces in your home, it will be apt to have these kinds of sofas. Include one to a spare bedroom, home office, or you could use it when you need to provide an extra bed for your guest. If you’re looking for a sofa bed with storage, browse through the wide selection of storage sofa beds below.

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Sofa Bed with Storage Catalog

Things to Consider When Deciding a Sofa Bed

Do you intend to use it all the time or just once in a while? Upholstered seats should be strong enough to withstand the pressure if it is used every day. Your choice of fabric along with its fillings will not only influence the level of comforts and the shape of the sofa bed but its longevity and method of maintenance as well.

Know those sofa bed elements vary widely concerning support and comfort. While some make an excellent choice for occasional overnighters, others give bed-like comfort and are designed to withstand everyday use.

Whether you are a couple or sleeping singles will equally influence your choice concerning mattress size. Don’t forget that a big sofa bed is not necessarily the same thing as a big sleeping area.

The Basic Types of Sofa Bed

Eventually, your choice of sofa bed boils down to several factors. Hence, it would be a brilliant idea to equip yourself with the necessary details of what you expect to see. Do not bother yourself so much, as they are not so confusing. Roughly sofa beds can be grouped into three categories:

Traditional pull-outs: These refer to the regular types of sofa that have queen-size of full mattresses. They are mostly designed for sitting so you can expect the cushions to be comfortable. Plus, if you’ve got the right mattress, you can be sure to have a nice and comfortable body rest. However, watch out for pull-outs that have a thin mattress, which will not offer enough cushion for adequate protection against the metal bars of the bed. Also, these sorts of sofas can be classified as expensive options, with many quality models beginning from around $1,000.

Daybeds: They look more like beds than they are sofa; hence, if your sofa bed is mostly for sleeping, you may go for a daybed. They are almost as big as a standard twin bed and have different prices.

Futons: These refer to the sofa beds that you most likely crashed on when you visited your college pal at his dorm. They are quite lightweight, can be easily transported, and easily foldable as well. However, they are not so comfortable because the mattress is made with cotton batting as well as low-density foam, leading it to compress after a while. Futons are less expensive when compared to pull-outs.