3-Drawer Wood File Cabinets

A clean, organized, and tidy office is not only ideal for reflecting your professionalism, but they also contribute to giving you the right energy you need for working. The more organized your room is, the higher your productivity level. Wood file cabinets are best for storing paperwork and files conveniently and securely. This sort of cabinets can fit into your office irrespective of your office space. If you're looking for a 3-drawer wood file cabinet, browse through the wide selection of wooden file cabinets below.

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3-Drawer Wood File Cabinets Catalog

Different Wooden File Cabinet Types You Can Select From

Lateral: A lateral file cabinet has extendable drawers from the cabinet's longer side. This cabinet type offers a wider drawer, but it does not give similar depths like other models. It has an ideal layout for small spaces where there isn't so much space for extending long drawers. With such designs, you can easily run through your files without even standing up.

Vertical: Vertical cabinet types have extendable drawers from the cabinet's shorter side. This makes it possible for the cabinets to have greater depth. These vertical cabinets are taller than lateral cabinets and will need additional space before you can access the files easily.

Flat: Flat File cabinets are made to hold more documents that do not need rolling. These cabinet types are suitable for storing canvases, blueprints, etc.

What to Consider in Wood File Cabinets?

Your cabinet size

When deciding your wood file cabinet size, you should take into account the amount of allocated space in your room. Know how much files and paperwork you intend to store and how frequently you might be using the cabinet. You should also note that storage is only going to increase after a while. Hence, buying one that only caters to your current needs could be a waste of money if you have to repurchase another unit in the future. Choose the best position for your file cabinet, have your space measured correctly, and make your purchases accordingly.

What type of material should you choose?

Although there are various cabinet types to choose from, wooden file cabinets seem to be the most appropriate for small-sized offices. They appear more attractive when compared to their metal counterparts. It has a scratched look that gives it a defining character. Wooden file cabinets make your room feel homely. They can last as long as their metal counterparts and offer a much warmer feel and look inside your home office. You can settle with any of the various wood file cabinets, as long as it complements your office d├ęcor and design.