4-Drawer Lateral File Cabinets

Although vertical filing cabinets can be seen in most homes or offices today, lateral file cabinets do come with their own advantages. Constructed with strength, volume and style, lateral file cabinets will do much better than vertical cabinets when it comes to storing a lot of paperwork while using less space. They are also more effective compared to stacking multiple vertical file cabinet units. If you're looking for a 4-drawer lateral file cabinet, browse through the wide selection of lateral file cabinets below.

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4-Drawer Lateral File Cabinets Catalog

A lateral file cabinet is like a standard utility cabinet, having horizontal drawers that look like a standard dresser. Files are stored from one side to another instead of from the front to the back, which is what you get with vertical cabinets. Some lateral file cabinet models are built with adjustable functioning inserts which can be used in both ways.

By keeping files from one side to another, the lateral filing cabinet's spacious drawers facilitate the users to access all their files with great ease, no matter how large they are. This feature will be more appreciated where users don't have large spaces to work with. Because of how flexible it is in housing files, this furniture item is mostly found in doctor offices, hospitals, law enforcement officers, schools and many other organizations that perform day-to-day files retrieval. This furniture piece can have more than two drawers that can be placed side to side.

Several models in this category have counterbalanced and adjustable drawers. With this feature, the cabinet will not become unstable even when all the drawers are opened. Other taller units are designed to open just one drawer at a time. A reinforced lateral or double-walled file cabinet will ensure that the furniture will maintain its shape for many years to come. With its steel ball bearing rollers, suspension as well as other features, it becomes somewhat effortless to operate.

The most common constituents of a lateral filing cabinet are steel and wood. Most constructions have storage cabinets or supply pantry on top, including a few filing drawers below. When it comes to aesthetics, a two-drawer wooden lateral cabinet can serve as a telephone, fax, or printer stand.